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"I'm already living on borrowed time. When it comes to it, it will be my time to go."

500 years ago Cathy should have died, but she didn't. She was saved by the Devil.

"I agreed to something ... Something that cant have been important then, it seemed too far away.
I'd agreed, after five hundred years, to hand myself over to the Devil, to become his."

Now her time's up, but back in the city where it all started, things are far from over. Cathy finds out that there is more to the Devil than she ever thought. A new boy, a best friend and a deadly enemy, things are about to get complicated...

"No one's that good or bad, it's not that simple, nothing's that black and white. It's more grey."

*Hi, this is my first Movella, so I'd love some feedback and constructive critsism! Thanks :)


17. Saturday, 15th January 2012

Saturday, 15th January 2012







  “So, what? You’re the strangest of the strange?”

  I grin at Chrissie’s description of me, “I prefer ‘different’, but yeah, basically.”

  Chrissie didn’t get to mine until midday Saturday – she’d had no way of getting out, and her phone was confiscated. Apparently she climbed out of the window to get away from her parents; they’re going to kill her or, more likely, me. But, when she got here, we were the ones that had hell to pay. She was mad at me for telling Jack to take her home, mad at Jack for doing what I said, and mad at Jess for just being here.

  She’d had a great lecture from her parents about hanging out with the wrong sort of people and she’ll only get another lecture when they find out she’s gone, but at the moment, she’s staying here for as long as she can.

  We’ve finally gotten around to explaining the situation to her which sobered her up considerately.

  “I don’t get why the Angel has only just found Cathy, if she is like a big beacon of red light telling everyone where she is.”

  “Yeah, but you can only see her if you are in range.” Explains Jess, “It’s like a telephone mast; you can see her if you are near enough, but if you’re not, it goes completely blank, like she’s disappeared off the face of the Earth.”

  “So how near do you have to be to see me?”

  “About half a mile, that’s why nobody has found you before now. But recently the Angel has been sending out search parties to try and track you down, before the Devil finds you.”

  “I don’t get why the Angel wants to find Cathy so much.” Will asks; it’s another new member of our ‘gang’, Jess introduced us to him yesterday. Will had already suspected something odd was going on with Katrina, and when she pushed me, he sided with Jess, and turned against her. Jess has decided that, as her boyfriend, he’d probably be best off knowing what’s going on.

  Before coming to meet us, Jess filled him in on everything, which he has taken surprisingly well, considering. He defiantly didn’t kick any walls down, but it helps when it’s your girlfriend telling you and she’s not taking about you.

  He’s taking it all in his stride, which is why, by the time Chrissie turned up; he was already fully accepted into the group. Surprisingly, Chrissie took to him immediately; she didn’t even attempt to throw him out. Not so much Jess.

  “What if she’s a spy for the Angel?” She asked me.

  “Chrissie, why would she have told us everything she knows if she’s undercover?”

  “Well, maybe it’s not everything; she doesn’t seem to know exactly what the Angel’s planning, or maybe she’s just not telling us. If she’d in the Angel’s inner circle, then she should know”

  “But she’s not in the Angel’s inner circle,” I point out, “She’s only been part of the Saved for a few years, she’s only found out what she can through Katrina.”

  After that Chrissie sulked around the apartment whenever Jess was here. She’s annoyed that she can’t find anything to blame her for, but she’s suspicious all the same.

  Right now we are once again puzzling over what the Angel might do.

  “The Angel still thinks she can Claim Cathy, but she’s just not sure how.”

  Jess is deep in thought, “You know that time Katrina pushed you?”

  “How can I forget?”

  She carries on as if I haven’t said anything, “If Karina did actually hurt you, which is theoretically impossible, then the Saved must have some effect on you, which means that you can’t be under the Devil’s control that much if they can hurt you. The Angel can still have some influence over you.”

  Jack voices something I was thinking, “If you’re one of the Saved, then why can’t you find out what the Angel’s plans are?”

  Jess looks doubtful, “I don’t know, by now know most of them will know that I’ve joined you. I’ve tried my best to distance myself from them, but the connection is too strong to break completely. If I went to them now, they wouldn’t trust me.”

  “Ergh,” I groan in frustration. It would be so much more helpful if Jess had been with Katrina, acting the double agent, but as Jess has pointed out, it’s too late for that now.

  I look around; everyone looks as dejected as me.

  We’re hauled up in my apartment again. My first instinct was to run, and I still want to, but the others persuaded me to stay. Jess was particularly insistent that running was not a good idea.

  “If you run they’ll only chase you, but if you stay they’ll think they are keeping a close watch on you, even if they are actually giving you more freedom.”

  “I’m not following you.”

  “If you run, you’ll have to keep constantly on the move, never stopping, never coming out of hiding, but if you stay here, you can stay put and still come and go as you please and the Saved still think they’re keeping track of you, so they’ll just watch from a distance. This way it’s easier for everyone.”

  I’d scowled at the idea of making it easier for the Saved as well, but I’m staying put; Jess has a point.

  Right now, she’s sitting in a corner with Will, taking quietly with him. Chrissie is flitting around the room, talking to herself. She’s unable to keep still for any longer than she has to.

  My eyes fall on Jack; he’s flickering through the channels on my TV, but he’s obviously not paying any attention to the screen. We haven’t had any time alone since that time in his apartment. With everything else going on we haven’t had anytime to do anything but worry. He’s thinking about it all again; he must be thinking about it more than anyone else, even me. I get Chrissie to take my mind of it, she’s a very good distraction, but Jack almost tries to think about it, and, if I’m not mistaken, he does it thought guilt. I don’t know why he feels so guilty, he just does. He’s worrying about me a lot too, sometimes, when his mind wonders elsewhere, he’ll pull his thoughts back so violently that it almost knocks me off balance.

  Suddenly Jack looks up at me, I hold his gaze, but then quickly look out of the window. I see him out of the corner of my eye studying me a moment longer, then he sighs and turns the TV off.

  Chrissie turns the radio up to ease the silence.

  I can’t stand to sit here any longer while everyone seems to be counting down the seconds. I still haven’t told them when it is.

  I jump up, “I have to get out of here; I need air.” I slip some shoes on and move quietly to the door, nobody stops me. I grab my keys and run down the stairs two at a time. I get into the car and start the engine; I don’t know where I’m going, just away from here.

  My mind is miles away when suddenly my grip tightens on the steering wheel. I find myself opposite the Kiay Bridge. Again.

  Instead of freaking out I pull over and count to ten: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. When I open my eyes again, I’m in control and determined. I get out of the car and walk slowly up the path running along the edge of the bridge.

  It looks strange to see it covered in tarmac and with cars driving over it. I picture it as it was, with a cobbled road and horse and carts driving over it. Instead of crying, I smile, not many people can say that they’ve seen the before and after pictures first hand, though it’s more people than I ever would have thought.

  I make my way to the exact spot I was pushed, the same spot I stood five hundred years ago. The memories are fighting their way forward, but I won’t let them get to me, not now I’ve gotten this far.

  I lean against the wall and peer over the edge. Oh, god. My stomach gives a disconcerting lurch and my head spins. I pull myself back and take a deep breath, then put my head over again.

  The tide’s high and the water seems closer than normal. It looks calm, but the sight of it still makes me feel sick. I force the bile making its way up my throat. I make myself stay there, watching the swirling water until the sick feeling fades.

  It’s hypnotic, I don’t know how long I stand there, but the rain starts to fall and I still stay motionless. Fat drops run down my cheeks, like tears. People hurry past me under umbrellas and full bags of shopping while I quickly get drenched to the skin. I don’t feel it, I don’t feel anything actually. I’ve fallen into a blissfully numb state.

  So I don’t notice when someone walks up behind me. They must have been standing there a while before they say, “I thought I’d find you here.”

  I turn to see Jack standing next to me, looking down at me through dripping hair.

  I smile to see him as wet as me, “How did you know I would be here? I avoid the place all I can.”

  He shrugs, “I could just tell, you had that look on your face.”

  “What look?” I ask.

  Jack looks embarrassed, “Err, well, like you wanted to do something rather than just sitting there. I think we all felt the same; you’re just the only one who did anything. I figured you’d come here to conquer your fear of the bridge.”

  “Wow,” I look up from the dark water and at Jack, “You know me better than I know myself. I didn’t even realise where I was going until I got here.” Jack looks even more embarrassed than before, but I can’t see his face properly through the pouring rain. His hair looks black when it’s so wet.

  We stare out at the water for a minute, before Jack says, so quietly I almost can’t hear him, “You know, don’t you? When he’s coming I mean.”

  I don’t need to ask to know he’s talking about the Devil, “Yes,” I reply, just as quietly, “Yes, I know when he’s coming.”

  We’re silent for a moment; from Jack’s hesitation I think he probably doesn’t want an answer to the inevitable question. Slowly, he turns to face me, “When? When is he coming?”

  I drag my eyes away from the water to meet his, but once they’re there I can’t move. I find the answer falling from my lips without my permission, “My birthday. He’s coming for me on my birthday.”

  Jack’s mouth falls open, “But... but that’s...”

  I nod, but don’t look away, “I know, that’s why I haven’t said anything. I knew that you’d do something stupid, but Jack,” I turn pleading, taking his warm hand in my cold one, “Please, you can’t do anything about it, it’s going to happen, there’s no way of stopping it. Don’t do anything stupid; I’m not worth it.” I could bare it if he did something idiotic for me. If it’s inevitable, then he’d only be hurt in vain.

  “Cathy, no, it’s not fair, you shouldn’t have to live like this.” There is a desperate edge to his voice. He wants me to say it will all be fine, that we’ll figure something out, but I can’t lie to him. However much I’d love to tell him that I’ll see the week though, I just can’t lie anymore.

  “Jack,” I swallow and turn my head out towards the river, “I’m already living on borrowed time, when it comes to it, it will be my time to go.”

  “Cathy,” I look up at the change in his voice, it’s harder, more determined, “You are worth it,” I’m about to protest, but Jack puts a wet finger to my lips, “You are worth it, don’t ever, ever think otherwise.” He moves even closer, so close I can feel the heat of his body and it sends a shiver down my spine. I can feel his breath, soft and just inches away from my lips. He’s close enough that I could close the distance in a heart beat, close enough to kiss.

  I look into those eyes, glistening wet lashes surrounding the blue-green. The rain continues to pound around us, but the noise fades into the background, all I can hear is my own heart racing.

  Jack closes the distance between us and my lips finally meet his.

  I melt into the kiss; it’s nothing like I’ve ever felt before... it just seems so right.

  Nothing else matters; everything but me and Jack seems unimportant, irrelevant.

  All my worries are washed away with the rain, all the memories, all the terrible memories of this bridge, are replaced with this one, blissful moment of happiness.

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