Claimed *Completed*

"I'm already living on borrowed time. When it comes to it, it will be my time to go."

500 years ago Cathy should have died, but she didn't. She was saved by the Devil.

"I agreed to something ... Something that cant have been important then, it seemed too far away.
I'd agreed, after five hundred years, to hand myself over to the Devil, to become his."

Now her time's up, but back in the city where it all started, things are far from over. Cathy finds out that there is more to the Devil than she ever thought. A new boy, a best friend and a deadly enemy, things are about to get complicated...

"No one's that good or bad, it's not that simple, nothing's that black and white. It's more grey."

*Hi, this is my first Movella, so I'd love some feedback and constructive critsism! Thanks :)


22. Monday, 17th January 2012


Monday, 17th January 2012





  It feels like someone has thrown a bucket of ice down my back.

  ‘I have her’? I’m the only other ‘her’ here, so she must mean me... That must means she was telling the Angel she has me?

  It suddenly dawns on me, double cross.

  Anger surges through me, all that rubbish about leaving the Saved? The lying, cheating...

  Shit. Something else dawns on me; I’ve told Jess everything, and she was giving all of it back to the Saved. That’s why she convinced me to stay, so they could keep me here. Why did I listen to her? Why do I always trust the wrong people? Jack, Jess... I know where my thoughts are taking me and I quickly stop them. No, I can’t believe Chrissie is bad; she’s been my friend from day one.

  But what about the text, the one that brought me here?

  No. Not Chrissie.

  To my right, the Devil tuts, “Oh, Jessica, you shouldn’t have done that.” What is it with him and full names?

  Jess’ eyes snap open, “Well, I just did. Deal with it.”

  “Feisty as well; I like it. You could have been one of the Damned. Shame.”

  Jess takes an angry step forward, “You think that-”

  I see the dark shape behind Jess before she does, but the moment she hears the foot steps she spins around. She hisses through her teeth, as a cat might do, but I still can’t see who the shadow belongs to. Then Jess hisses again, this time I can make out a word, “Katrina.”

  Oh no, not her as well. She was following Chrissie and me yesterday too, I remember.

  Jess looks even less pleased to see Katrina than me. On the other hand, the Devil looks delighted to have company and claps his hands together. “Oh good, the more the merrier – oh, another Saved, even better, I can look forward to killing you later.”

  I shiver. Katrina, or rather, her shadow, turns to Jess, ignoring everyone else. “You lying bitch!” That’s a bit rich coming from Katrina, but I have to agree with her. “You suck up! You’ve only done it to get into the Angel’s good books. Oh, you act the innocent new girl, and then act all clever by going ‘undercover’. But I can see right through you – you’re just a coward who can’t face being at the bottom of the pack; you always want to be the best; like you were when you were human, but let me tell you now, this is not like your human life. You can’t go straight to the top by being a pretty bitch or by just thinking you have the right to be there. Six hundred years of hard work got me to the top – I didn’t just waltz in and expect to be in charge.”

  Hard work? So pushing people off bridges is what she calls hard work? She’s just making up reasons she’s better than Jess, but still, I can’t help feeling sorry for her; she sounds close to tears. My head supplies the thoughts calmly, as if I’m not really here. Not just about to be Claimed. Or killed.

  “Well, this is me working my way up!” Jess retorts, “I’m sick of being ‘the little one’. I’m proving myself the only way I can.”

  “By being a bitch!”

   “You can’t talk!” They’re both shouting at each other, so loud I’m surprised the whole of Toritos hasn’t heard.  A shield comes down in both Katrina and Jess and I’m blinded once again. But this time I steady myself quickly; my eyes can adjust more easily now. Even so, the light from both of them is so a lot stronger than they even are alone. Next to each other Katrina defiantly looks brighter, but I think that has less to do with being faithful to the Saved and more to do with their age. Jess was turned only a few years ago, so her light is weaker. I wonder how much of what she said was actually true.

  Katrina advances on Jess; Jess may be the better actor, but I doubt she would win in a fight, and it certainly looks like a fight is ‘inevitable’, as the Devil called it.

  Jess takes a few hopping steps back, and, for the first time I can see the first glimpse of fear on her face.  Serves her right.

  Involuntarily I take a step forward. With a flash of a scowl Katrina growls her warning, “You stay out of this.”

  Jess, on the other hand, looks over Katrina’s shoulder at me pleadingly, “Please Cathy, please, I didn’t mean to hurt you, it wasn’t personal. I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t live like that, I had to do something – it was the only way-”

  “Only way? No, you could have done it without cheating and cutting corners.” The tone of Katrina’s voice makes me hop forwards another few paces. I can’t help it; Jess is standing far too close to the edge of the bridge. I have a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. The Devil watches us, silently amused.

  Jess turns her terrified eyes to Katrina, “Katrina, come on it’s me. I’m still following you, and the Angel, I’m just as loyal to you as I ever-”

  “Don’t you dare! You’ve never been loyal to anyone, you only answer to yourself.” Katrina has pushed Jess right back against the low wall, “There’s no way you are getting away with this.”

  Jess’ breathing hikes, I can even hear her rasping gasps from here. “Katrina... you can’t – you can’t...”

  “Oh yes I can.” Katrina is close enough to push Jess in the chest, but instead she pushes out with her mind. It’s directed at Jess, but the force of it nearly flattens me. I cling onto my bit of the wall and drag myself forward – what’s happened to Jess if she’s at the receiving end of this?

  A scream cuts through the air. The white disappears instantly and suddenly I’m running the rest of the way forwards. I lean over the side of the bridge just in time to see the body hit the water. The scream stops abruptly.

  Oh my god. My laboured breathing fills the suddenly quiet air, the water still silent, even with the crashing waves. Still, everything seems quieter in the absence of Jess. Oh god, Jess. She’s dead. I mean, I hate her, but for her to die? I couldn’t wish that on anyone. And at the very end she said sorry... everyone makes mistakes.

  I round on Katrina, “You killed her. You just killed Jess.” It’s the obvious, but for some reason, I feel it needs saying. My voice comes out all raspy, as if I was the one screaming. Maybe my screams where mingled in amongst all that.

  “The bitch deserved it.” Katrina shrugs, flicking a strand of blond hair over her shoulder; as if she hasn’t just killed a person, as if she hasn’t just killed someone that was supposed to be her friend.

  I look at her with disgust. She’s just killed Jess. She’s evil from her manicured toes nails, all the way up to her long, straightened hair. Even in the rain she looks just like she’s stepped out from a photo shoot. “You are a cold blooded killer, you just...” I can’t even find the worlds to finish my sentence.

  The Devil obviously thinks he has let us have our fun. “Well, as amusing as that interruption was-” but he breaks off mid-sentence. Katina freezes too, but then her face lights up in an evil grin. I still can’t tell why they’ve stopped and it takes me a couple of moments to notice the shimmering in the air between the Devil and Katrina.

  As I watch, the shimmering seems to form a shape that becomes clearer by the second. I squint and I see the shape turning into a person. Now I can see a tall white figure. I realise that the air is turning a hazy white colour inside the shimmering ball in front of me. It’s the same white as the Saved, except brighter, there’s only one person this could be; the Angel.

  This all happens in the blink of an eye, but it feels like I’ve been watching the progress of the shimmering ball for hours. I look around to see that only I’m shocked by the revelation somebody can appear out of this air. The Angel standing in front of me in full glory, when, just two five seconds ago, there was no one.

  She has skin as pale as the Devil, but there the similarities between her and the Devil stop. Instead of red eyes, she has yellow ones glinting at me in the dim light, and long blond hair down to her waist that frames her soft features. It’s so light it’s almost white, shinning as if it is its own source of light.

  Immediately the Angel snaps her eyes to me. A look of hunger crosses her eyes that’s so feline that I have to remind myself that it’s a person standing in front to me, not a tiger. Tiger’s have stripes.

  Without looking away from me, she addresses Katrina, “Well done, yet again.”

  Katrina grins and I just stare. Well done? How can the Angel congratulate her after she’s just killed someone? A Saved. I suppose that’s what she does for a living, or not living, as the case might be. But the Angel hasn’t finished. “But I notice that there’s someone missing?” Much to my pleasure Katrina pales slightly under all the layers of make up, but she stays quiet. “And I understand that you weren’t the one to call me here, were you?”

  Katina defiantly looks paler. “Err... no, but...”

  The Angel maintains a polite expression, but she narrows her eyes. “Well, if you didn’t call me, who did?” Katrina presses her lips together nervously, but still doesn’t give anything away. “Answer me, girl.”

  Katrina’s shaking. “Well, erm... it was Jess...”

  “And where is Jess now?” I have the feeling the Angel knows the answers to these questions, but she’s making Katrina spell it out.

  “Err... she...”Katrina’s white as a sheet and I actually might have felt a bit sorry for her – if she hadn’t just killed Jess. Most people would have cracked under the Angel’s interrogation; she’s intimidating, to say the least.

  “Having difficulty controlling the Saved?”

  The Angel spins around, and loosing all pretence, “You stay out of this. My Saved are my business.”

  The Devil’s smirk just widens, “Well, I was going to tell you what happened, but now you’ve been so rude. I’m not going to.”

  “I know perfectly well what happened.” The Angel growls; she definitely looks like a cat. A big one. Maybe a lion. I glance at Katrina; she looks faint. The Angel rounds on her again. “You. You just killed a fellow Salvus; you hurt another one of my creations. And I can’t let that happen, you know that can’t go unpunished. But then,” Her voice raises, “then you go and kill someone who was loyal enough to me to go undercover, to befriend the enemy, and then succeed. And you kill her for it.”

  “I – I... but...we had Jack, we didn’t need another spy.”

  “You idiot. Jack’s human.” She says the word with disgust. “Did you really think we could trust him? He was no use to us, he went and fell for that girl,” she points a deadly looking finger at me without breaking eye contact with Katrina, “after that he was useless; he wouldn’t tell us anything.”

  The Angel continues on her rant, the Devil offering occasional comments meant to wind she up, but all that I can think about is what she just said; he was useless; he wouldn’t tell us anything. But... but, he’d been a spy – why would he not have said anything? He went and fell for that girl.

  Oh. Ohhhh...

  It dawns on me. He was telling the truth. Oh god, I told him he was lying. He said he loved me and I called him a liar. Oh, I did that to him – how could I have done that? At the time I was so sure... I should have listened to him, I should have heard him out. Why didn’t I do that? Why did I have to be so impulsive? And now I’ll never get to say sorry...

  Well then, I better not disappear. I’m filled with a sudden determination. I’m going to stay alive (or myself) long enough to see Jack again and apologise.

  I snap back to the conversation; I’ve no hope of getting out of here if I don’t know what’s going on. “After all these years, when I thought I could rely on you, this is what becomes of it.” Far from sounding sad or regretful, the Angel actually seems to be enjoying herself. “But then again, I should have known better than to rely on any Saved, after all, they’re expendable.” She’s just like an even more evil version of Katrina; maybe Katrina looks up to her as a role model. That would explain it.

  Katrina’s eyes widen, “No, no, please you can’t-” She looks just like Jess did not minutes ago.

  “Oh yes I can.” And it happens all over again. There’s another blinding flash – shorter this time. You would have thought I’d be used to it by now, but this is so strong I really do fall to the ground. I crouch there, uncertain, the git of the tarmac digging into my palms, until the light behind my eyelids dims and I can finally look up again.

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