1D imagines

request an imagine with any celebrity (band/singers) on either here or my twitter @nicki_jade_2000. i'll do every 1 of you. :)


2. Harry for Filipa

You and Harry were best friends although there was about 5 years difference between you two. you didn't mind that at all and neither did harry. But there was one thing that happened. You developed some really strong feelings for Harry. You couldn't stand it any more after keeping it in all to yourself for the past 6 months. You decided to tell Harry how you felt. It was Friday night so it was your usual movie night. You were at Harry's house with the boys over. All of you nearly finished the popcorn so you thought to make some extra. As you were walking out of the kitchen you were listening to the boys conversation. At some point you heard harry say "I wish she knew how I felt shes really cute her eyes are just gorgeous." And with that line your eyes went really watery and you just quickly said bye to everyone and stormed out of the house with the same sentence going round your head over, and over again. *1 hour later* You were in the living room with tissues surrounding you. then you heard your door bell ring. You knew who it was. Harry. All you said was come in and with that your front door opened with harry standing in them. "What do you want?" you said quite annoyed at Harry. "I know you were listening to that conversation but you don't know 1 thing." Harry told you. You looked at him confused. "It was about you" he whispered whilst looking at the floor. You jumped up from where you were standing and put your arms round his neck and gave him the most sweet kiss. "I like you Filipa. Really much.And I was wondering would you be my girlfriend?" You were practicaly screaming insied of you. "Yes!" you basically blurted out through you tears with a grin on your face. That was the start to a beautiful relationship.


Authors Note:


Hope you like it. xx :)

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