1D imagines

request an imagine with any celebrity (band/singers) on either here or my twitter @nicki_jade_2000. i'll do every 1 of you. :)


1. Zayn

It was 11 in the morning. You and Zayn were still in bed. you tried to get out of bed but as soon as Zayn felt something move he grabbed you by the waist tightly which caused you to stay in the same position. "Great." you thought. As you tried to wriggle yourself out of Zayn's grip he opened his eyes. "Hey beautiful" he said in his morning voice. All you could do at that point is smile and admire his beauty as the rays of sun went through your curtains. You two decided to stay in bed that day and just watch movies and chill out.


Authors Note:

This was my 1st imagine. Hope you all like it. comment me what you think about it.

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