the would be fairytale


2. once apon a time...

 Bella the beautiful


once apon a time there was a beautiful girl called Bella. she was forced into enslavement by her evil sister, Anna.  she wipped her every time she slowed down to cach her breath.  bella rarely got to leave the house but when she did she was only earning more money to get a ticket to the grand ball that was going to occur very soon!

only when the grand ball was in full swing did Bella appear, striking everyone in the room with her natrual beauty.


including the prince!


the prince walked over to her in a sort of trance, his eyes focused on her and only her and they stayed that way for the night.

It was only when Bella realised the time that she realised that she had to be back by morning all bright and bushy tailed ready for a full day of chores.

she tried to esape the grip of the loved-up prince but she could not. he asked why she had to go and then asked her to stay with him forever...

and so they lived happily ever after.



the end!



bella sighed and thought of life as a princess...

how she would live in a couple of years time when that was her life story, known around the world.

"Anna!!!!!!!!!" Bella screamed. "where is my breakfast?"

Anna hurried up the stairs muttering comingcomingcomingcomingcomingcomingcomingcoming.   she trudged into Bella's room, stopped for a couple of seconds to admire the genral splendor of the place and then carried on, trudging in as she always did. trying to look as unattractive as possible as Bella did not like it that she was prettier than her. Bella looked very impatient as usual while she recevied her breakfast.

"Anna! where have you been?!"

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