After You Left

A/N: I wrote this poem while trying to fall asleep last night, I couldn't stop over-thinking. Poetry isn't really my area of expertise so criticism is always welcome. Enjoy.


1. After You Left


After you left,
I spent my days
Painting the walls blue,
Because the previous green
Reminded me too much of your eyes
When you smiled.


After you left,
I stopped listening to
The same music
You'd show me all the time.
"Listen to this," you'd say
But now I can't because
Every time I do
All I hear is your voice.


After you left,
I stopped wearing the jumpers
I wore when around you,
Because they'd smell like
Your embrace
On a cold winter's day
And I missed that space in your arms.


After you left,
Everything changed,
I'm empty
Like the cups of coffee you'd drink
Leaving only the tiny remnant in the bottom.
Only I'm not coffee,
All that is left is my heart
But I think you
Took that with you,
After you left.

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