Who Knew

Scarlett and Nicki are just normal 17 year olds. But when 6 celebrities come into there life, will it change forever?


3. Tricked ya!!!

"We were wondering-" I was cut off by Nicki.

"If we can crash at your place tonight?" She cut me off while playing with Harry's curls. She whispered something in his ear to make him nod. It was funny.

"Nicki! Ugh, well yeah can we?" I said to Niall.

"Scarlett!" She said mocking me. I stuck my toung out at her. She gave me a fake smile and carried on playing with Harry's hair. (Haha lol)

"Sure Scarlett." Niall said in his adorable strong Irish accent. I flashed a glare at Nicki and smiled and niall. If looks could kill nicki would be dead.

"Are you sure you guys are not crazed fans?" Liam said. Nicki winked at me and no one saw.

"Why? You guys are normal boys." I said.

"Yeah." Nicki agreed.

"No we are one direction." Louis said. We must be really good actors cause we played dumb.

"What's that?" Nicki questioned Harry. Man these boys were dumb.

"Our band... You never heard of it?" Harry said with hope.

"Nope." We said at the same time. The boys looked at each other than at us then at the floor. Zayn went back to text then nicki came over to me and we stood up while all the boys were texting.

Boys texting convo:


Zayn: what is wrong with theses girls? Don't they know us?

Lou: idk... It's wired

Hazza: yup I like Nicki but she don't know us so yea..... :(

Nialler: I like Scarlett but same with hazza.... :(

Liam: guys maybe their tricking us!!!

Hazza: no these are dumb girls u talking about Liam...

Nialler: yup

Zayn: I feel bad for you guys cause there so dumb... Air heads!!!

Lou: yea well do they like carrots? That's super important!!!

Hazza: we will ask them one more time o-k? Haha Lou...

Nialler: k

Zayn: sure whatever

Liam: o-k good it's settled...

End of boys texting convo:

We look at all the boys then Liam spoke up:

"So you guys didn't know we were on the X factor? Then we made a song called you don't know your beautiful. Dose that jog your memory?" Me and nicki looked at each other. I put on a famous "please and puppy dog eyed" face. Then she shot back a "fine" look. YES SCORE ONE FOR SCARLETT!!!

"Oh!! We love that band do you know them?" Nicki said stupidly. Niall let out a giggle. Zayn gave her a "are you serious?" Look.

"WE ARE THAT BAND!!!" They all said annoyed. Me and nicki started laughing like crazy. They look at us like "what the hell is wrong with these girls?".

"We know who you are we were playing." Nicki said reassuring them.

"Oh" they all said.

"I feel dumb now..." Louis said.
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