Who Knew

Scarlett and Nicki are just normal 17 year olds. But when 6 celebrities come into there life, will it change forever?


1. My life changes

Scarlett's POV

I walked down the streets of London. My blond hair flew in front of my face and I pulled it back behind my ear. My phone vibrated in my back pocket.
I pulled it put and saw I had a text from

Nicki- hey gurl can you PLEASE meet me and Nandos?

Me-Yeah... Why? We go there tomorrow...

Nicki-I really need to talk to u... COME NOW!!!!

Me-o-k be there in 5...

With that I put my phone away and RAN to Nandos.

When I got there, I saw.............

**** AUTHORS NOTE ****

Hey sorry for da short chapter!!!! Please give meh feedback!!! :)
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