Who Knew

Scarlett and Nicki are just normal 17 year olds. But when 6 celebrities come into there life, will it change forever?


2. Funny business

I saw one direction!!!!!! Nicki came up to me.

"I told you to come." She said.

"I did come." I said.

"God I'm not gonna argue with you now!" She said motioning to the table one direction was sitting at.

"O-k o-k!" I said.

"Let's walk over to there table and ask if we can sit and pretend to not know them." She whispered into my ear.

I nodded. We walked over.

"Can we sit?" I asked them. Harry eyes widened and stared at Nicki. And Niall's eyes were on me. We both smirked.

"Can we?" We said at the same time snapping them both out of there trance. They both nodded quickly. We smirked at each other and sat next to them. So it was a booth and the row I was on had Zayn, Niall, then me. In front of us was Louis, Liam, Harry, and Nicki was on Harry's lap.

"So..." Liam and Louis said awkwardly while Zayn was doing something on his phone.

"Oh we were wondering, ............."
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