Skateboarding away with my heart

Rocky has had a tough life. In high school she was bullied by the now famous Niall Horan. After he left to audition for the X-Factor Rocky was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Now she is in a performing arts school where Niall and his bandmate a decide to go to. Will Niall remember who Rocky is and fall for her?


4. Telling the truth

Niall's POV

I told the lads everything. How I bullied Rocky, called her fat and teased her. How now she looks weak and pale, and mch more skinner than I remember her. If she is anorexic I think I caused her to develop a eating disorder since I called her fat. I vowed that I will find out what is wrong with her.


Rocky's POV

I got away from Niall as fast as I could, How could he ask that? He was such a jerk! He pisses me off so much. When I punched Niall, I saw that he looked pretty shocked. But you know what? I didn't care he deserved it. Not just for asking that question, but for everything he did to me! He teased me, called me fat, and beat me up. One day I would get revenge, and he won't see it coming.

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