Skateboarding away with my heart

Rocky has had a tough life. In high school she was bullied by the now famous Niall Horan. After he left to audition for the X-Factor Rocky was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Now she is in a performing arts school where Niall and his bandmate a decide to go to. Will Niall remember who Rocky is and fall for her?


2. Sorry for the short chapters

Today I wore by ripped jeans, a black beanie, a my chemical romance shirt, and I brought my favorite skull skateboard to school. I pulled my dirty blonde hair into a messy bun and ran out the door.
I got to school and collected my schedule for my classes. History was first. I grabbed my book and skateboarded to class. I accidentally ran into someone. It was a blonde haired boy with crystal blue eyes. He handed me my book. I thanked him. He said it was no problem, but then I recognized that voice. It was Niall Horan, the boy that turned my life into a living hell. "You look familiar," he said' " have we met before?" "Umm, ya went to school together once," I said. Crap! Why did I say that? " Really? What's your name?" " I'm Rocky. I have to go now. I'll see you later I guess." I picked up my skateboard and ran as fast as I could.
Niall's POV

Rocky was her name. It all sounds familiar but I couldn't remember her. I then realized Rocky was the girl I bullied so much in school. I felt so bad. She looked so much skinnier than I had remembered her, and a lot paler and weaker. Was she anorexic? I wasn't sure, but I would find out.
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