Skateboarding away with my heart

Rocky has had a tough life. In high school she was bullied by the now famous Niall Horan. After he left to audition for the X-Factor Rocky was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Now she is in a performing arts school where Niall and his bandmate a decide to go to. Will Niall remember who Rocky is and fall for her?


3. History

Rocky's POV
History was such a drag. I was about to fall asleep. It was all about the revolutionary war with America. Shouldn't we have all learned this in 5th grade? Finally we were interrupted by the intercom saying that we were getting out if school early, so after the end of class we need to go eat lunch. Finally the bell rang. The food in the lunch room was disgusting! I couldn't even tell what it was. Thank God I brought Nandos for lunch.
Niall's POV

When I walked into the lunch room with Liam, Louis, Harry,and Zayn I smelt Nandos. I looked and saw that Rocky had Nandos. I ran over and tried to steal food from her but she just handed it to me. " Why are you giving it all to me?" I asked. " I can't have it, I forgot I had a doctors appointment after lunch and I can't eat, so you can have it." " Thanks!" I said. "Whatever," Rocky said." Wait!" I exclaimed. " What?" " Are you anorexic?" She punched my jaw as hard as she could and skateboarded off campus. The boys came over and asked, " What was that?" " I asked her if she was anorexic. I'll tell you lads the rest after I spit the blood out of my mouth."
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