A Directioner's Dream come true

This story is about two 18 year - olds who go to the 1D3D and end up being best friends with One Direction, even falling in love. Soon enough, their perfect friend Shania comes in and joins the romance! thank you for reading (:


4. Flirting

Harry's P.O.V

"Hey Mia!" What am I supposed to say?!

"Hey" She blushed, which made it a bit obvious that she was nervous!
"I like your hair!"
"Thank you, I like yours too" She told me blushing even more. We both looked to the side to find Nialler grabbing Jo's hands. Our little Irish leprechaun!!!! Mia's jaw fell to the floor as I kept staring also giggling a bit. I could tell that Mia wanted me to do the same thing!

Jo's P.O.V

I looked down to see Niall slowly grabbing my hands and putting them in his small hands!! WUUUT??!! OMG! I'm running out of air! I always had a little soft-spot for Nialler! Don't get me wrong! I'm not one of those peasants who love just one of the boys! I love them all, but Niall was a speciality! He was the innocent Irish Leprechaun in the band! But, I soon realised that Harry and Mia where nowhere in sight!! I opened my phone and found this:

From Mia Xx: I went for a walk with Hazza. Won't be long! Xx

A smile formed on my mouth as i showed it to Nialler.

"Don't worry, she's safe with him!"

" I know she is!!" He was still holding my hand as we noticed that Louis and Liam were staring at us concentrating on what we are saying. Zayn, on the other hand, was just talking to his mirror saying:

"Is that Brad Pitt??!! Oh wait!! That's ME!!" and laughing at his own jokes! Niall left a small kiss on my cheeck before he went to grab a beer, I was say dreaming when Louis interrupted

"Do you have any more cute friends darling?!" Everybody burst into laughter

"What's so funny?" He adorably added!!

Mia's P.O.V

We were walking on the grass in the back of the theatre. He held my hand in his and took my mobile from my hand to save his phone number!! He stood in front of me and with his perfect voice he sang a part from "Change my mind": " Are we friends or are we more? Never felt like this before! As I'm walking towards the door, I'm not sure!" I just stood there while I continued to blush" He soon grabbed my face and gently kissed me!

"Please tell me you're not gonna run around and sreaming now!!" He said while a perfect smile appeared! We giggled together as we entered  the backstage once again, but, this time, hands entwined together! Everybody's jaws fell to the floor! But, soon enough, Niall and Jo did the exact same thing! Jo and I exchanged hugs while Harry and Niall just stood there waiting for us to come back to planet Earth! 

"No, I'm serious! Do you have any more cute friends? Possibly carrot-lovers?" Louis adorably said.

After a long game of 'Truth or Dare', we said our goodbyes, sadly enough! 

"Hey, maybe we can hang out tomorrow at around.....7 pm?" Liam said.

"Ye sure!" Jo and I said together!
"Bring your friends with you!!!" Louis shouted from across the room!!

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