A Directioner's Dream come true

This story is about two 18 year - olds who go to the 1D3D and end up being best friends with One Direction, even falling in love. Soon enough, their perfect friend Shania comes in and joins the romance! thank you for reading (:


5. Eagerly waiting

Jo's P.O.V

"Wanna come over my house?" I asked Mia as we were heading back home.
"Don't try to act like nothing weird just happened! We're dating ONE DIRECTION!"
"I KNOW RIGHT?!! Never knew Nialler could be such a flirt!" I told her as I opened the door to my house.
"Mom, Dad, I'm home!"

"Okay sweety" my mum answered. We went straight to my room talking about what just happened making sure we were not going crazy! The sound of my mobile vibrating suddenly scared me!

From Your little Irish Leprechaun (Nialler :P) : Missing ya already xx :( Tell Mia to check her phone. Harry's been texting her!!

Mia's P.O.V

I was forced to check my phone. I found 7 new messages from Haz all saying?

"Text me bk?"

"Why wont u text bk? Did i do somethin wrong?"

"Pls text me bk"
"love ya, missing ya"

I text him bk to excuse myself, after I started to blush!
" Are you gonna stay the night?" Jo asked me.
"Ye sure, i'll just go get clothes for tomorrow!"

Jo's P.O.V

I prepared the beds and found a film we could watch. But my mind couldn't get off the fact that I'm dating Niall Horan from One Direction! I mean, you don't blame me right?! We added ourselves on everything possible! Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Tumblr! I never even had a clue that he could be a flirt too!! And I'm also really happy for Mia, she's dating Haz. Now HE'S A FLIRT!  Who knew that just by attending to a the movies could lead to dating members from One Direction? My thought were soon interrupted by Mia knocking on my bedroom door.
"Come in" I shouted, she entered with her big bag full of DVD's and her laptop which she does not live without! We spent the whole night chatting and watching movies. Before we both fell asleep Mia told me,
"This was the best day ever, and I wish we could say the same thing about tomorrow!!"
"I'm sure we will!!"

Publisher's Notes:
Hope you liked it :) Leave reviews, they always make me smile :) 

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