A Directioner's Dream come true

This story is about two 18 year - olds who go to the 1D3D and end up being best friends with One Direction, even falling in love. Soon enough, their perfect friend Shania comes in and joins the romance! thank you for reading (:


3. After the show!

Jo's P.O.V

After the show, all the directioners qued up for a signature some also searching for a conversation. Mia and I were the last in the que! When it was our turn, Mia and I tried to keep our cool and simply asked them to sign on our hands! When it was Niall's turn to sign my hand, he blushed and giggled that cute giggle of his'! 
"Excuse him for having a crush!!" Liam said leaving Niall and I to blush even more! 

Meanwhile I noticed that Hazza hasn't stopped staring at Mia since he first saw the both of us!! 

"Hey, if your parents are okay with it, you can hang out with us for a while over here!"

Mia's P.O.V

Jo and I looked at each other as we heared Hazza asking us to hang out with THEM!!!! We immediately called our parents to inform them that we're going to stay a bit longer.

"Hey Jo did you enjoy the movie?" Niall asked as they both blushed! Aaaaw he's trying to flirt!! I soon tuned them out as I saw Harry walking towards me! OH GOD!! What am I supposed to say?! How the hell am I supposed to act aroun him?!


Publisher's Notes:

Hey guys, thank you so much for reading, sorry this chapter was really short, ill pay for it in the following chapters (:

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