A Directioner's Dream come true

This story is about two 18 year - olds who go to the 1D3D and end up being best friends with One Direction, even falling in love. Soon enough, their perfect friend Shania comes in and joins the romance! thank you for reading (:


1. Happy Birthday!!

Jo's P.O.V

UGH! For the second time in a row, everybody forgot it's my birthday! C'mon, its on the 29th August, it's not that hard to remember! Yeah, my birthday is on the same date as Liam Payne from One Direction! Now, where the heck are my keys? Oh, here they are!

"Surprise!!!" All my friends shouted as I opened the door!  

My best friend, Mia, came next to me as I was still by the door with my mouth open wide! 

"Oh my Holy God!" I said with pauses between every word! Everybody laughed at me! I closed the door not a second before the doorbell rang. I opened to find my parents!  They have been abroad for a couple of days.

"I thought you weren't coming till next week!"

"Yeah, well, we thought that it wasn't fair that we weren't here for you'r birthday for two years in a row!!" my dad said with a huge smile on his face! I giggled and thanked him. 

You can say I'm a bit spoiled, but I love my daddy more than anything else in the world. Don't get me wrong, I love my mum too, but somehow, I feel closer to dad! 

Mia's P.O.V

Everything is great! Everything's going just as I planned! Jo's having fun, One Direction music full on and the room's full of big presents!

"Hey, what are you going to wear tomorrow for the special, one and only, 1D3D??" she said as she giggled and came towards me.

"Oh, about that, I have good news, but you have to promise me you won't scream!!"

"I promise, now spit!"

"Yesterday, One Direction tweeted saying that they will be visiting some theatres including OUR THEATRE!!!!" she started screaming and jumping.
"HEEY YOU PROMISED!!" we giggled together, and as soon as she opened the presents and everyone left, we talked through the whole night as I was gonna stay over, Jo and I are like sisters!

"God, im so excited for tomorrow!!" she said just before we both fell asleep!


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