A poem I wrote for self harm awareness day (1st March 2013).


1. Orange.

On this dark and dull and dreary day,
where reds and blues mix into grey,
there comes a slice of colour, of hope,
a glimmer of light in the clouded skies.

A shockwave of orange suddenly erupts
through the sudde, sullen silence.
A fluttering butterfly of the brightest hues
makes its way like a childhood memory.

From your mind comes this creature of gold
and sun-like colours, it settles beside you.
And from then on it remains there by you,
a reminder from your left shoulder.

It follows you for the entirety of a day,
whispering compliments to you from time to time.
You know it won't stay, but you enjoy
the time it enjoys spending with you.

When the time comes, and you're finally smiling,
it flutters away and slices at the grey,
leaving just as quickly as it came.
But the smile it left stays with you.

If one day you're feeling blue and mixed with grey,
That butterfly will one day finally return.
With a slice of colour, a shockwave of orange,
The smile will one day return.

And it will finally stay.

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