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Daniella and Amy = Directioners.
Phoebe = not a Directioner.
But... they're best friends. Also, they go to school with One Direction.
What could possibly go wrong?


3. during and after the tour.

So during the tour, they just showed us around, nothing special. It seems like everything else is normal with the other people, because they don't seem to care that 1D goes to their school. I was barely listening to any of them while they were touring us. 

"And that concludes our tour," says Liam. "Any questions?" 

"Yeah," says Amy. "Where do you guys live?"

Seriously? Seriously? She asks that?

"Oh, we live just near the school, over there," says Louis. 

Well damn. We live right next to them. 

Daniella smiles. "No way! We live just right next to you. You wouldn't mind if we visit every so often, would you?"

Niall looks at me and I glare at him. He doesn't seem to notice. "Of course not! As long as you let us visit you too. Right, guys?" 

Everyone nods, except Zayn. He doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea. Please. Does he think I am? 

Then I realise that I'm having trouble with my Maths. Might as well ask. 

"Who's good at Math?" Everyone turns when I asked. "What? I need a tutor so I might as well." 

Zayn raises his hand. Shit. 


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