prom | relationships | life | one direction.

Daniella and Amy = Directioners.
Phoebe = not a Directioner.
But... they're best friends. Also, they go to school with One Direction.
What could possibly go wrong?


2. before the tour.

"Let us introduce ourselves," one boy says. "To humor you," added by a black-haired idiot. I think his name was Zayn or something. 

"To humor us?" I ask, feeling offended. 

"Well, yeah, because everyone knows who we are," he replies. Does he really think he's going to pull that off? I don't even know their names. 

"I don't."

The five boys laugh, including Daniella and Amy, but their laugh was more of a nervous one rather than a humored one. I'm pretty sure it's because they want to impress them, but they're a bit scared of what I think as well. 

I do my impression of what you call a 'poker face' and soon enough everyone stops laughing, except for my two best friends. Oh, the humanity. 

"Is she serious?" that black-haired idiot asks. "Is she really serious that she doesn't know who we are?"

"Well of course she knows who you are," Daniella says. 

"She just doesn't know---or care, really---which is which," Amy adds. 

It's true. I don't know, and I really don't care. I mean, yeah, sure, they're good looking, but I don't understand why they get special treatment for just being famous. Heck, if I'd joined the X Factor with Daniella and Amy, we'd be gettin' all the fame. And we don't even have to win. Just look pretty and sing our hearts out. 

"Well I'm Niall," says a blonde-haired blue-eyed [oh who cares if it's blue or not get over it] boy in the middle of them five. 

"Louis," he says, saluting. 

"Harry, hi." 

"Liam Payne," he says, and I can already hear Amy swoon. 

"Zayn," the black-haired idiot says, inaudibly, that I can barely hear it. 

"Train? What kind of name is Train?" I ask.

Amy uses her motherly term of endearment which usually means I'm ruining things for her. "Phoebe, sweetie, his name is Zayn." 

"Oh," I say quietly. "What kind of name is Zayn?" 


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