London?? I Hate You And Not Only You

One Direction aren't band. They lived in small town, but now they are in London. Big city, a lot of girls. But one bet.




*P.O.V Harry Styles*
Oh God, how I hate bus. Zayn sleeps, Liam and Louis talking, Niall eats cookies really weird style and me?? Next to me sitting my "lovely" sister Gemma. She reads book with name "How To Guard Small Children." I think she found work in London. Or is it meant to us? I don't know. I thought that when I move to London my sister remains at home. No she said that she ride with us. So our flat will be full. Louis comes to us.
"Dear Gemma, I need talking with Harold, so you go next to Liam. He sleeps so you can read your very interesting book. Thank you." She leave 
and mumbled something, probably, that in one of five languages that she can, Louis sits next to me.
"It's good weather, right Hazza." I raised an eybrow.
"I have not carrots Louis, what you want?"
"Me?? Nothing.... okay, okay.. I have for you one little bet." bet, we love bets, and i everytime win.
"Say me Lou" 
he straighteneds and hawkeds.
"so, when we come to london, I choose to you one girl and you will have 1 mounth in order to in love with you. If not 3 months without girls, i alone see to it." I started laught.
"Dear Louis, every girl fall in love to me and I do not need 1mounth I need only 1 week but thanks for long time."
"You only think that you can do it. I choose to you girl 
those who will not succumb to you."
"Okay and when I do it you will start flirt with my sister"
I looked wickedly and he only nods with his head. I don’t know how , I don’t know when but I fall asleep. Sun wakes me when we are be in London. Beautiful city. I’m happy that I can be here. Big city, a lot of girls. Dream. We go to our new flat, there are 4 bedrooms, of course that Gemma has one all bedroom only for her. Next room is for Niall and his food. zayn with Liam have next room. And me and Louis the last room. We are best friends, everyone is different. Me? I am flirty one, Louis is very big freak, Zayn is mysterious, Niall loves food and he is very diffident and Liam, he is our daddy. They are for me like brothers.

“I’m hungry,” guess who said it. yeah Niall, one point for you.

“So we will go to the bakery.” My sister decision. So we go to the bakerz, verz small bakery. When I stood in the doorway, I noticed very cute girls. She can be 15yrs old. I went to her with “Styles smile” on face.

“Heya, I’m here first time,my name is Harry have you got some recommendation?“ I think that my smile was very good.

„I think that for first time will bet the best French baguette.“ I smiled to her and we talking about 10 minutes. From the door for employees walked Girl, you can seen in her eyes devilry flames. Until she saw me. Anger, anger and again anger. It was it what you can saw in her eyes. Her head looked to me and Mary.

„immediately get away from my sister,“ It was thought to me.

„But Lily, we only talking, you don’t see it?“

„really? And it’s reason why he looks to you like to naked model? Go to the school. Her is your brunch.“ mary reluctantly grabed crowded bag and with slammend the dook gets outside.

„Once more you will talk with my sister I kill you, she is 13. And you ??? 18,19??“

I looked with WTF face.

„What?? She looks like 15, trust me that I dont talked with her if I know how old is she.“

„You shoul had find it“ she leaved, I turned and saw my laughting friends and angry sister. Louis came to me.

„Bro, I know about some girl to our bet“ I looked very confused.

„Girl for our bet is Lily“ 

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