London?? I Hate You And Not Only You

One Direction aren't band. They lived in small town, but now they are in London. Big city, a lot of girls. But one bet.


1. Lilian Melody Rose Smith

Heeya guys......
who I am?? I am big dreamer and I live in LONDON. Yeah London, but I don't like it. 
I hate my names, because it is not originally. Lilian (Lily) like my grandma, Rose, it was first flower what my dad gave to my mum. And Melody?? I don't know why I have this name. I've never had a boyfriend, but shhhhhh. I like freedom. I am 17 years old and I have 4 sisters. Madison(15) , Mary (13), Caroline (10) and Alice (8). I love scary movies, but when look at them I can't fall sleep. If you sometimes meet me and I'd like to sing you something or God forbid draw, run away because I'm not good in it. I have one friend, but she is the best. Jammie, she loves so much Justin Bieber, like my sister Madison. I LOVE MUSIC. ♥♥ My favourite artists are Cher Lloyd and Beyoncé. Turn My Swag On by Cher Lloyd is for me the best song ever. And by Beyoncé I love song If I were a boy. When I am in shower most often I sing Barbie Girl. I love colours how you can see. I am not fan of Twilight but I love Taylor Lautner. Abduction is the best movie ever.

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