Bromance in The Valleys

A bromance between sam and andy.


1. The concert.

Today started like any other Sunday.Mum and her skanky Soloman boyfriend dragged me to church!We were walking because he doesn't belive in buses !But I saw a poster for one time only Black Vail Brides,My Chemical Romance,Panic!At The Disco!In the Royal Hall  round the corner but one problem the tickets are £150 so i ran round the corner to meet sam when in told him he screamed with joy "what BVB,MCR,P!ATD in the valleys next month we have to go!!!!!!" so i told him we can't we don't have enough money to get the tickets!So i asked mom and for £300 he said well wait and see andy!What the heck it's only 300 quid i mean he's loaded he gets £3000 a week so 300 aint gonna put a dent in his pocket!but I got a day job as a paper boy and i get £25 an hour i did two hours yesterday!by the end of the week i got £350 so i brought the two tickets we went I couldn't see sam in the................ Mosh~pit!But we found some girls mine  was so hight pitched but Sam's was bang~able proper!But the next day I got a tag in a photo on instagram "my head after last night #blood #morningafter #amazingnight #boomting @andyboi @lexi~mai the first comment was "grotty photo dude"from his mom!He was in hospital for a week getting 150 stitchesSo I was on my own all week at school but me and Lexi~Mai were in the same classes all week.But wern't to see Sam in hospital he looked well bad like.But he's still my Sam!

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