Is this really forever?

Louis and kyra were friends but not close when louis has a party and invites kyra over things greet wild kyra gets pregnant and dosent no what to do when louis leaves her harry steps in and takes care of it like its his own. What happens when louis wants to finally be part of his baby's life. Is it too late?


2. New life, new love....


So we got to school in the yellow bug and there louis was he rushed straight up to us grabbed my waist from behind and picked me I screamed at first "louis Tomlinson put me down!" I say laughing my head off. "Ok ok but here u have to come or....." He paused "or I'm cancelling and Justin briber is gonna be there don't let him down babes." He smiled and waved so did I. It was an invitation to his annual party he goes all out I've been to three yes I've known them for three years..


She was so beautiful the way she got out of the car even was like she fell from the heavens I was in love with her, I had been since we met kyra three years ago. But I couldn't tell her that. I didn't want to loose her for good. She was going to the party so I might tell her then. "Kyra!" I shouted she looked at me and smiled that beautiful smile showing her dimples. "Morning gorgeousness how r you? Hey Perrie hey zayn." I said at them raising my eyebrows up and down. "Awesome baby how bot you" I loved it when she called me baby. "Fabulous hunni bun," I gave her one my smiles, she blushed. Then the bell rung seven mores hours till I can they'll her I love just seven hours.
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