Is this really forever?

Louis and kyra were friends but not close when louis has a party and invites kyra over things greet wild kyra gets pregnant and dosent no what to do when louis leaves her harry steps in and takes care of it like its his own. What happens when louis wants to finally be part of his baby's life. Is it too late?


1. Best friends, first chance.


It was Monday morning around 7:30 I looked at the time "shit!" I cursed rather loudly, I will miss the bus so I quickly got dressed into my red jeans and my Gray beetles tee I put my blue vans on tied my hair in a messy bun put some mascara foundation and lipstick on and walked out the door.

I missed the bus and had to walk to school, I was on my way just as Perrie my best friend drive up, "hey baby need a ride?" She said in her thick English accent I was from Australia so I was a mixed bag. "Are you sure I can walk." I said to her, "get in the freakin car geeze" so I hooped in finding zayn Mallik in the back seat.

We were all friends but perri and zayn had just started to date. They were so lovey dovey oh and there apart of the band One Direction!!! All the boys came back to school so we became friends. I was a directioner when they first came out, now they are like my brothers. There's Harry, the flirt but he's very protective over me particularly. There's niall, he is the most lovelyest guy u can no oh he loves food, especially nandos. Then there's liam daddy sensiable he dosent let us have too much fun. Than there's Lou bear the one I'm head over heals for....
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