This is Happening

I saw him walking down the hall, looking so effortlessly perfect. He made me go weak every time I saw him or even heard him name. "Hey." What was that? Did he ju- but what...he said me? I thought he never knew I even existed. Oh my god. That's when it happened.


10. Us

Avalon's P.O.V.

When Harry and that girl were together, it broke me. I know I have liked Liam for the longest time but it still hurt. I looked back at all the memories that me and Harry shared. Even if it was half of one night, and a day I felt something special between us. I felt something that I never felt when I was near Liam. "Avalon?" Oh god. It was Harry! What would he say when he saw me with my red, puffy eyes?

"Hi." I tried to choke out without any cracking in my voice.

"What's wrong?" He seemed concerned, but the again. He also seemed concerned Saturday.

"Nothing." I was trying to persuade him so he wouldn't question me any further.

"Don't lie Avalon."

"Your girlfriend is what is wrong." I snapped.

"She's not my girlfriend. Dumped her." I gave him a shocked look and also for him to carry on. "She said you wouldn't take me away from her, I think she's wrong." He said cheekily.

"So...what are you saying Harry?"

"Avalon, will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?"

"Of course." It was then that Harry had picked me up and spun me around.


Liam's P.O.V.

"Hey Liam!" I turned around and saw Harry and Avalon, hand in hand. He obviously had asked her to be his and she accepted. But why wasn't I happy for them?

"Hey." I gave them both a small wave, they didn't seem to catch my fake smile along with it. It seemed they were both too caught up in each other's eyes. I didn't need this pain anymore. So I decided to give them a farewell in which they nodded at, while making googily eyes. I lost her. I had lost Avalon. It was my fault too, if I had made a move sooner. That could've been me holding her hand.





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