This is Happening

I saw him walking down the hall, looking so effortlessly perfect. He made me go weak every time I saw him or even heard him name. "Hey." What was that? Did he ju- but what...he said me? I thought he never knew I even existed. Oh my god. That's when it happened.


17. Together

Liam's P.O.V.


I can't believe Harry was trying to help Avalon get her memory back. I mean, I love Avalon. But if she remembers everything, she'll go back to Harry. And I don't think I'll be able to handle a heartbreak like that. Right now, I was walking with Avalon towards my car."Liam?" Avalon asked before I closed the passenger door and jogged around to the driver's side.


"Tell me more about Harry?" Why does she keep bringing him up. Isn't she happy with me?

"Well, he is a very nice lad." Keep it simple Liam, keep it simple.

"He said he would help me with my memory. Won't that be good?"

"Yeah. Hey want to head back to mine?"

"That'd be nice, babe." I loved whenever she called me babe. It gave me the shivers. 


- - - - - - - - -


A half hour later, me and Avalon were pulling up to my driveway. But for some reason I saw another car there. A car I haven't seen in a while. Harry. He seriously needs to give this a rest. Avalon and I both got out of my car and headed towards the front door, hand in hand. "Hey mate." Someone had to break the silence and I hate the awkwardness.

"Hey, can we talk alone?"

'Sure. Avalon go in without me, I'll catch up okay?" She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and went inside. "What's up?"

"Well, I was wondering if you and I could make up. You know, forget all the drama? I want my mate back."

"Harry, I would like that." We both gave each other a smile and he gave me a hug in which I returned. "Let's go inside and watch a movie. Avalon has been wanting to watch this one movie."

"What is it?" I gave him a long sigh before answering.

"The Justin Bieber movie. She said she wanted to compare me and him. From old picture she's seen of me, she thinks that we are basically twins." At this Harry started to laugh.

"I remember that, the girls were swooning over you." I just laughed and we both went inside with Avalon.


- - - 



The movie just finished and Avalon had fallen asleep with her head on my shoulder. Throughout the movie, she kept mouthing the words to every single thing. When the songs came on, she encouraged me and Harry to sing along. 

"Liam, I'm going to head home." Harry started to get off the couch and headed towards me. "You know, I still love her a lot. Even if she doesn't remember when we were together."

"I understand. I'll text you later." He gave me a nod and walked towards the door. Soon I knew Avalon and I were alone.


Avalon's P.O.V.


I was asleep and I heard talking. I heard what sounded like Harry saying he still loves me. He must be something. Staying in love with me, even when me and Liam are together. I love Liam with all my heart, but something is telling me that I should hold onto Harry. Just for now. 

I finally woke up to see Liam looking back down at me. He was staring right into my eyes, and I couldn't help but to stare back. "Hey beautiful, have a nice nap?" He whispered to me so that I could only hear him. 

"Yeah, I did." No matter what, Liam kept staring at me. I looked into his eyes some more and discovered something that I have never seen towards me. Love, lust, and need. Liam truly loved me. And I loved him. I felt Liam getting closer to me, just close to where I felt his warm breath fan my face. His eyes looked down to my lips for a second and back to my eyes. Soon the distance was closed between us with a passionate kiss. His lips were so soft, yet rough against mine. He made the kiss deeper by swiping my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I didn't want to give in yet, all I wanted were his lips for now. It seems he got frustrated because he bit my bottom lip, causing me to gasp and he used that advantage to quickly put his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance, but obviously Liam won. We both needed to breathe, so we pulled back. Liam rested his forehead against mine and pecked me lips. I felt his hand reaching up my shirt, it was then I knew I wanted this.

Liam connected our lips again, at the same time I wrapped my legs around his waist and he stood up, never breaking the kiss. He made his way up the stairs and into his bedroom. I was pushed to the wall, while I felt his hands roaming my body. I quickly nudged the hem of his shirt and he got it off in one swift movement. I let my hands go over his defined muscles and I swear I heard him moan. Which made me smile against the kiss. We both pulled away and he discarded my shirt. I felt his hands go to the back of my bra and he looked up at me as if asking if I was sure. I nodded and that was enough for him to unclasp my bra and throw it to the floor. Liam began kissing my neck, and gently sucking creating a hickey every now and then. With my legs still wrapped around his waist, Liam walked and gently settled me on his bed. I wanted his jeans off so, he helped me wriggle him out of them. Once they were off, I saw how much he wanted me. Like how I wanted him. Liam seemed he couldn't take it anymore so he pulled down my pants. I pulled him down by his neck for a kiss. I then saw Liam pull down my panties and rub the inside of my thighs and spread the apart. I wanted and needed him so bad. "Liam. I need you." He nodded and pulled down his boxers. Before anything happened, he came up to me and whispered in my ear, "This will hurt. I'm sorry. If you want me to stop I can." He then gave me a quick peck and lined up his length at my entrance. I needed Liam so bad, I wanted us to become one. He soon began to slowly push into me. It was when I moaned his name that he started to thrust into me and we finally became one.


- - - - - - - - - - 


It has been two days since Liam and I made love. It was incredible. But I didn't feel the best. I was walking down the hall when I felt something start coming up my throat and I ran into the girls bathroom. I ran quickly into a stall and threw up. It was the worst feeling ever. When I was done, I washed my hands and mouth, and popped a piece of gum in my mouth. I began wondering why I was feeling sick these past few days. So I needed to be sure of something. I was walking down the hall when I saw Liam talking to some of his friends. He saw me and smiled. I pulled him to the side where no one would be able to hear us. "What's wrong?" I wanted to know how exactly to place my words so I just said what came to my mind.

"Liam, um remember a couple of days ago when we...?"

"Made love? Yes." 

"Well, I haven't been feeling well. And I wanted to know if you used a condom?" As soon as I mentioned condom, Liam's eyes went wide. Now I needed to make sure my thoughts were correct. "After school, can you take me to the doctor to make sure?"

"Of course. Just know that whatever happens. I'll stay with you no matter what." He pulled me into a hug, in which I gladly returned. I just hope everything is aright.




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