This is Happening

I saw him walking down the hall, looking so effortlessly perfect. He made me go weak every time I saw him or even heard him name. "Hey." What was that? Did he ju- but what...he said me? I thought he never knew I even existed. Oh my god. That's when it happened.


1. Him

Everyday I see him, its like he knows what he does to me. But he doesn't even know I exist. I like it that way. I don't draw too much attention to myself, that's a good thing right?

I was walking down the hall. Then I saw him. He just walked so effortlessly perfect. "Hey." Did he just talking to me? No. "Hi." My mouth seemed to have a mind of its own. I watched as he carried on walking down the hall sending a smile my way. I couldn't believe he actually noticed me. AND he talked to me AND smiled. Maybe it was a dare, yeah it was totally a dare. I snapped back to reality, realizing I was in the same spot I was five minutes ago. I began walking to my locker, putting in my combination and opening my locker. I hadn't realized my friend Marie come over as I was too busy getting my Spanish textbook for first period. "Hey Avalon." Marie said to me flashing me her perfect white smile to me with her green eyes staring back at me. "Hey." I sighed. I closed my locker and started walking to first period. "What's wrong?" Avalon asked while walking by my side almost bumping into several people. "Nothing, it's just...Liam." Avalon knew how I felt about Liam. She was the only one who knew because well she was pretty much my only friend. "What happened?" "Well he said hey and smiled at me. But it was probably a dare." I was taken back when Avalon pounded the side of her fist against a door causing some glances from people. "Dammit Avalon! You don't know how beautiful you are..I catch Liam looking at you all the time. I thought you would've caught on by now but apparently not."

I did not ever notice one time, Liam look my way besides today. Was I that blind? I don't know. But I sure do hope Marie was right. I don't want to get the wrong idea. "Thank you, I guess I was being dumb." " kinda were." "Well see you after school." "Bye." Me and Avalon didn't see each other until after school. But all that was on my mind was Liam.

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