Jasmine Jones literately bumps into her bully from middle school Harry Styles.
What did Harry do to her??


1. Him!!!

Jasmine's POV

i woke up feeling miserable as EVER!!!. I dragged myself out of bed and decieded to take a shower.

I took a long hot shower with my mind completely blank. I dryed my hair and did my natural routine.

I searched through my closet and picked out maroon jeans with a black cute top saying " IM AS SEXY AS EVER". I also put on a maroon cardigan to match the whole look.


MUM IM UP!!!! i yelled to my mum downstairs

HONEY COME AND HAVE BREAKFAST!!! my mum yelled back

NO NEED MUM!! IM GOING TO STARBUCKS!! i yelled back to her

OK I WILL FEED IT TO YOUR LITTLE BROTHER!! she yelled back at me


I walked down the stairs to our  lounge room. To be greeted by my neighbour Zayn Malik AKA my  BFF.

Hey what are you doing here?? i asked my best friend since kindergarten

i came to pick you up he told me

well ok then i said cheerfully


We got into his car and made a quick stop to Starbucks


stay here i will be quick i told zayn

ok said zayn


i walked into starbucks and to be surprised it was very busy

hello can i please get a large coffee with a muffin please i told the laddie at the cashier

That will be $5.25 please 

i hand the money over to the laddie

thank you, name?? she asked

Jasmine i said

she nodded


i waited for 5 mins till a fimiliar voice called my name

i stood up and took the coffee from the boy without looking up

well well well look who we have here said the boy

i looked up to see Harry standing in front of me 

i walked away with my coffee in my hand .

i stopped to look where Zayn parked the car but i was to late. My coffee was knocked out of my hand.

i turned around to see Harry

hello Jazzy said Harry evily 

what do you want Harry i said fear running up my spine when i said his name

i want you he whispered in my ear

i ran away trying to find a hiding spot. I saw Zayn getting out of his car, I ran intohis car and he drove fast to our school so Harry wouldnt follow us.



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