One Chance And You're Out

Carmen wasn't your average, bleach blonde makeup lover, girl. She's a tomboy with a few twists. What happens when her best guy friends make her audition for a new dating show? And what if it's for One Direction? The band she hates most


1. The Audition

Hey Guys! So this is my second fanfiction and I thought to take this one a different way... if that makes sense. I will still be updating my other story though so don’t worry if you are reading it. If you aren’t reading it... go read it. It’s called Here’s A Tip. Ok well read on!  
Carmen is played by Lucy Hale
Beau is played by Connor Franta (from youtube)
Shane is played by Logan Leerman (from Perks Of Being a Wallflower)
Ryder is played by Blake Jenner (from Glee)
PS PS . I got a tumblr so go check it out. My blog is                  Also check out my friend star_lover88 blog too. Her’s is also about One Direction and Ed Sheeran. It’s called and check out her movellas as well


I groan as the annoying buzz from my phone woke me up from my dreamless sleep. I lazily reach my arm out towards my dresser to blindly find my phone. When I find it, I bring it up to my face and click the power button on. My face almost drops when I read the time. It’s 3am in the morning and my best friend, Beau, had texted me. Sure, I love him and all, but who texts someone on a Saturday just to say, and i quote, “hey”.

I don’t know if I want to text him back or not but I decide to just wait until tomorrow.  I lay my phone on my dresser, turning it completely off this time, then slump back down in my bed.

My eyes open and adjust to the surroundings of my bedroom as I wake up. I slowly get up out of my bed and make my way to my bathroom. Yeah I have my own bathroom. Take that bitches!

I turn on the hot water as I slowly dip my foot into the pool of water. I lay down in the bath as I pour a gumball sized drop of shampoo and massage it into my scalp. The smell of coconut shampoo fills the room. After letting it sit for a while, I wash it out and grab the other purple bottle full of conditioner and poured the same amount as last time into my hand. I take the ends of my hair and lather the soapy liquid onto them. As I let the conditioner soak in, I start singing “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran. I may be a total alternative girl/tomboy, but I’ve always had a secret celebrity crush on Ed Sheeran.

“Give a little time to me or burn this out. We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around. All I want is the taste that your lips allow,” I sing.

“Will you shut it!” I hear a deep, gruff voice coming from in my room. I immediately recognize the voice.

“What are you doing in my house Shane!” I yell back.

“You mean what are we doing in your house?” he replies back. I already know who he was talking about. He means my other two bestest friends in the world ( Yes, I know bestest isn’t a word but who fucking cares) Ryder and Beau. You see, ever since 5th grade, Ryder, Shane, Beau, and I have a pack you could say. We’ve always had each others backs, even though I’m a girl. I help them all on their girl drama and they help me with my no friends policy. They are the only actual friends I have. Here, I’ll give a brief description of them all.

First, there’s Ryder. He has the classic, light brown, Justin Bieber hair look that all girls swoon over. He’s got really big brown eyes, and a very muscled facial structure. He’s probably the buffest of them all. His usual look consists of a plaid t-shirt, a pair of baggy jeans, and some black converse. I usually go to Ryder when I want to prank someone because he is the absolute best at pranking. We call him the Prank Master.

Then there’s Shane. He has more of a football jock look going on. His hair always in a side swoop. He has black hair and icy blue eyes. His look usually consists of a plain white t-shirt, a pair of dark skinny jeans, and a leather jacket. He’s more of the humble one in the group, but he can pick up chicks with the snap of his fingers. He’s also a BIG softie.

Lastly, my favorite probably, is Beau. He has brown hair that swoops to the up right and icy blue eyes. His skin is tan. He’s a little smaller than the other guys but he’s still the best. His usual look is a tee and some skinny jeans and maybe a beanie. He’s more of the skater, dramatic, always funny type a guy. He also makes music videos. He also likes to eats A LOT. But mostly nutella.

So there ya go. Now here’s a quick description of me. Well, My name is Carmen Shaul ( pronounced CAR - MUN SHOWL ) I have Brown - black naturally wavy hair. I have really distinct eyes that are bright green/ hazel. I’m pretty tan. I’m a complete and total tomboy though. I wear make - up though cause my mom makes me. UGH! Though my appearance doesn’t affect my personality though!! I love Ed Sheeran, wrestling, Youtube, movies, weird things. I think being me is so much better than being a fake bleach blonde slut like the rest of the girls out there at my school. Basically thats all you need to know right now.

“Get out of my fucking house!” I joke.

“NO! You didn’t answer my texts about hanging out today so I assumed it was fine,” Beau laughs..

“Ok, well at least let me change!” I say. The 3 guys waddle out the door and into the kitchen where they greet themselves with my food. Classic. I grab a pair of very dark blue(almost black) skinny jeans, a dark purple top with see through sleeves, a pair of black converse, a ton of bangles and bracelets, a cross necklace, and a pair of gold earrings. Yes, I am a tomboy, I know that, but my mom doesn’t let me wear sweatpants. It’s basically a rule. I apply my usual makeup and dried my hair to it’s natural curl. I hopped down from the large chair and walked into the kitchen. The guys were sitting at the island, eating a bag of chips, while reading something on the internet.

“Hey Carmen! Check this out!” Ryder urges me to walk over to him. I look at the screen to see an add for a new reality/game show.

The add has a bright red title saying “Love One Direction? Here’s Your Chance!”  Apparently One Direction is starting a new dating/ reality show and they need contestants.

“Why are you showing me this?” I ask Ryder. He gives me a little evil grin before he speaks.

“Well, knowing how you loooove One Direction...” he says dragging out the o in love. And what does he mean by love One Direction? If anything, I don’t like One Direction. I don’t fangirl like all the other girls in my school. For gods sake I don’t even know them. I know absolutely nothing about them except that they sing and there are 5 of them. They could be horrible people in real life. NO ONE KNOWS THOUGH! “So... I signed you up,” he finishes smiling proudly.

“WHAT?” I scream. The scream echoes through the almost empty house causing me to shudder slightly. “Why?”

“Well, I knew you would never make it... so I just filled it out for fun,” He answers.

He was right. I wouldn’t make it. I’m an absolutely boring person and I’m not even pretty. “What’d you write in the form?” I ask curiously.

“Well, I told them that you weren’t the normal, love make-up, girl everyone else is. I said more about you being a tom-boy and some of your awesome facts like how you ride motorcycles and how you love Ed Sheeran,”

“How did you know that I love Ed Sheeran?” I’m actually surprised. I didn’t think anyone knew about my obsession for Ed Sheeran.

“Oh please Carmen! I’m not an idiot. I know you have a tumblr blog all about him,” he smiles.

“You use tumblr???” I ask.

“Yes, I don’t live under a box,” Obviously he was getting offended about how little I knew about him so I decide to drop the subject.

“Um...okay. So what do y’all want to do today then?” I say awkwardly.

“We could go to the mall,” Shane suggests.

“Dude! I think you are the only guy I know that has ever wanted to go to the mall,” Beau states. Shane looks down in embarrassment.

“You don’t have to be so harsh, Beau. It was just an option,” I say, giving Shane a little bit of confidence. I can see it in his eyes. You know when you can tell if a person is lying or how they are feeling. Well, I can do that with people’s eyes. I can tell how anyone is feeling just by their eyes. It’s like that blonde chick from Mean girls where she can predict the weather with her breasts or Emma from Once Upon A Time.

I absolutely love that show. My favorite character is Captain Hook, August, and Emma’s husband. They are such good actors. Especially Rumplestiltskin. I’ll talk more about my undying love for them later.

“Oh ya! You also have to turn in a video audition...” Shane trails off.


“Ya...” he replies.

“Ok well then let’s get this shit done...”

“WATCH YOUR MOUTH YOUNG LADY!” Ryder laughs walking over the living room and grabbing my fancy camera. Yes, if you were wondering, I am a photographer. I guess I’m not such tomboy after all. I express myself through photography... and tumblr, but I’m not the normal, average teenage girl. I don’t fangirl over pop celebrities, I fangirl over REAL music and meaningful music. I guess I like music that I can relate too or music that tells a story.  I like OneRepublic, The Script, The Beatles, The Who, The Killers, and music that is like that....and Ed Sheeran.

“Ok, so on three just introduce yourself and just be you!” Ryder smiled. I nodded in agreement with a little of sarcasticness and went in front of my fridge. I grabbed a cupcake before he held up his hands and counted down from 3.

“Um... hi. I’m Carmen,” I say taking a bite out of the sweet carrot cake cupcake. “I don’t really know what else to say. Um... well I to be honest I don’t really like your band. You could be psycho killers for all I know! My friend signed me up for this. Stupid Ryder.. come say hi guys!”

They point the camera towards them and waved and then focus it back on me.   “They signed me up knowing I’m not going to get in.” I say as Beau hands me a list of a bunch of questions I’m supposed to answer. “Ok, 1. What is your name? Well I kind of answered that already... but again it’s Shaul, Carmen Shaul.” I say impersonating James Bond. “Ok, 2. Are you single? Now why is that number 2? Is that all you care about” Well, I’m sure all the girls are going to be single because it’s a fucking dating show dumb asses... and yes I’m single. No guys date me because I’m one of them so ya. Number 3... What do you do for fun? Well, I ride motorcycles, hang with my best guyfriends (cause I have no friends that are girls), blog on twitter about my favorite singers and bands, and I sing.”


“um... ok, Maybe tonight I’ll call ya,” I sing. I finish the song as I bow for a finale. I do a really high riff at the end and wave goodbye.

“Ok! We’re done here! Let’s go riding!” Sean yells


Ok so I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. Feel free to criticize me because it helps A LOT. Or you can praise me :P Comment, Like And Read. Also email me at my movella email account to just talk about whatever or to discuss the story. Kik is Brooklyn_Gibbs and so is my twitter. I would love to interact with you guys so dont be shy :)

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