Clint could only ever wish for a normal life. Yet life with a brother like Frank was always going to be anything but normal. Until Clint meets a nice girl like Sophie. Of course, Frank discovers his brother's new friend. And, as the saying goes, 'two's company, three's a crowd . . .


1. An Eye For An Eye

'I told you to keep an eye on him at all times!' roared Mr Shelley.

     Clint, his head bowed, shrugged.  'They were teasing us, Dad,' he muttered.  'Frank just freaked out.'

     Mr Shelley spun around on the shiny, tiled floor and gently cupped Frank's chin.  'You wouldn't hurt anyone, would you, Frank?'

     A loan groan rumbled in Frank's wrinkled throat.

     Mr Shelley patted Frank's hand and turned back to Clint.  'Keep the manacles on him,' he whispered.  He pointed at a plastic bag on the lab table.  'And what's in that?'

    'Gareth's eye.'

     Mr Shelley stared at Clint.  'He actually removed the eye?'

     Clint nodded.  'As clean as a whistle.  The Swiss Army knife adaption to his right hand works like a dream.'

     Mr Shelley slammed his hand down on the table.  'That adaptation isn't meant to be used . . . aggressively.'

     Clint shuffled about uneasily by the lab door.  When his father's gaze fell upon him, he gestured at the blood-filled plastic bag.  'So what should I do with the eye?'

     'The optic nerve has probably been damaged.  Throw it in the bin.'

     'Nooo!' Frank wailed.  My new eye!  pretty green eye.'

     'Your eyes are pretty, Frank,' coaxed Mr Shelley.  'Very, very pretty.'  he thrust a thumb at Clint, then the door.  'We need to talk.'


'I gave you strict instructions to keep Frank isolated outside of class times.'

     'I did-  I tried,' Clint stressed.  'Gareth and his mates came looking for us.'

     'They taunted him you say?'

     'Yeah.  But he was cool about it - until they started on me.'

     'They taunted you?'

     'Pushing, shoving.  Gareth was trying stir up Frank by having a go at me.'  Clint held up his hands and smiled weakly.  'I didn't start anything.'

     Mr Shelley looked at Frank through the small oval window in the lab door.  'Frank's sustained no injuries, but no doubt the authorities will be pursuing us soon.'

     'He wasn't ready for school, Dad.'

     'I didn't re-animate a teenage boy to keep him at home, Clinton.'  Mr Shelley moved away from the door and paced the narrow corridor that led to the rest of the house.  'We must pack immediately.  We needn't go far.  I'll bring my instruments with me.'

     Clint paled at the sudden thought that filled his mind.  'Not another raid?' he asked softly.

     'Mr Shelley smiled and patted Clint's shoulder.  'Don't look so worried, son.  This time we only need a new face for Frank.'


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