Life After One Direction

Hiiii! My name's Rebecca, Becca for short, I'm 17, and my father is Niall Horan. I have an older brother, Josh, who's 19, and who's dating my best friend Audrey. My boyfriend is Derek Styles, yes, Harry's son. He's my age, and has a little sister, Darcy, who's 9. Luke, Zayn's son, is dating my other best friend, Charity. They're both 17, too. Derek, Josh, and Luke are all in a boyband, just like our dads, plus Louis and Liam, who are also included in this story, along with their families too. Audrey, Charity and I are in a band, and are kinda getting known, through YouTube. We've done a mini-tour thing before and opened up once for the boys. We all work at Starbucks, which is how we met. Anywaaaaay, here you can read about my life and everything that goes on it, through the ups and downs. Sometimes it may not be very exciting, but, that's life so. Enjoy:) xx.


3. What if...?


“Uhm… I kinda forgot my key inside…” I said, looking down, blushing.

“Really? That’s not something you would usually do, Becca,” He said playfully poking my belly.

“So… Now what?”

“Don’t you have a window around the side of your house?”

“Well, yeah, but we wouldn’t be able to reach it…”

“I bet we could…” He said, taking my hand and leading me over to the side of my small apartment.

“Alright, I’ll lift you up, and you crawl in the window, then run down and open the door, okay?”

“Okay,” l said as he began lifting me onto his shoulder. I reached for the window, sliding it open and crawling in. When I looked back, I caught a glimpse of Derek sprinting back to my front porch. I ran down the small staircase, my shoulder length hair blowing behind me, to the front door. I unlocked it, only to have Derek swoop me up, kick the door closed with his foot, and spin around with me bridal style in his arms.

He dropped me on the couch, landing on top of me tickling me, planting little kisses all over my face and neck. I couldn’t stop laughing, so I started laughing silently, from lack of breath I was getting. When he finally stopped, he turned on the TV, and held me close to his side. We were watching some cooking show, when my phone buzzed. Audrey had texted me!

“Heyyyyy gurll, what’s up? .xx”

“Nothinn! Just hangin with Derek, watching some tv! (: you?”

“hanging out with charity! We were just wondering if u wanted to hang today?”

“hmm.. sure, I guess! When? .xx”

“we’ll be by yours in an hour? .xx”


I set my phone down on the table and began to get up, when Derek pulled me back down, playfully.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to hang out with Audrey and Charity in about an hour, is that okay with you?”

“Can I come?” He asked, holding out the ‘e’ sound. He gave me a puppy dog look, and I sighed heavily.

“I’ll see.” I stated firmly, but sweetly, placing a light kiss to his cheek.

“hey audrey, Derek wants to know if Josh and Luke are gonna be there? .xx”

“I’ll ask them! Does he not want to be alone?? Hahaha. Baby. (:”

“Hey! That’s…… okay, a little funny…”

“haha. Yeah, they said they’ll come!

“alright, we’ll be ready! (:”

“Alrightyyy! .xx”

 I looked up from my phone, to see Derek had disappeared. I looked in the kitchen, but he wasn’t in there. I walked toward the back of the apartment to my room, and heard my music playing. It was set on What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, and it was currently playing Harry’s solo. I peeked in the doorway to see Derek playing my guitar and singing along to his father’s words. When the chorus came on, I opened the door fully and quietly walked over to him, to hear him quietly singing. Derek had a good voice, but he never sang loudly… I began to sing along, only to see him jump and flip his head around, his mop of curls bouncing. He looked so much like his dad…

“Oh, you scared me,” he said, blushing.

“I can tell!” I laughed.

“What are you doing?”

“Uhm… I kinda need my closet…” I told him, pointing to my small closet, laughing.

“Oh, right… Duh.”

“Are you alright? You look a little uneasy, babe,” I sat next to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Well, it’s just… What if my band doesn’t make it to be like One Direction did?”

“Derek, you shouldn’t worry about the popularity or anything of any other band. Just do what you boys do best, and you’ll be just fine. I promise,” I said while giving him a little peck on the lips. He smiled.

“You always know what to say to make somebody feel better, don’t you?”

“It’s one of my many talents,” I said while sitting up straight, acting like one of those sophisticated, popular girls you would see in a movie. He laughed and kissed my neck lightly. I looked at my phone, to check the time.

“We better get ready; they’re going to be here soon.”

“Yeah…. I guess,” he said while sighing and standing up slowly. He grabbed my hands and pulled me up to him, crashing his lips to mine. The kiss was passionate, and I could tell he was smiling into it. We pulled away breathless, and smiling at each other like idiots. We stayed like that for a few minutes before I turned around slowly to go get ready.

 About 30 minutes later, we heard a honk outside. We walked to the car, to find Audrey in the passenger seat, her boyfriend, Josh, which is my brother, driving, and Charity and her boyfriend, Luke, Zayn’s son, in the back seat. Derek and I climbed in the middle seat, saying hi to everyone.

“Hey guys,” Derek said to Luke and Josh.

“Hey, Derek! Hey twerp,” Josh said, directed toward me.

“Shut up,” I replied, ruffling his hair. Josh and I had a good relationship; we didn’t fight all the time like a lot of siblings I know.

“Hey, Audrey! Hey, Charity!” I said, excitedly.

“Hey!” They both said in unison.

“Hey, Becca,” Luke said with a friendly smile on his face.

“Hey, Luke! Long time, no see!” I said, ruffling his hair. He quickly looked in the rear-view mirror to fix it. Zayn’s son, alright.

We began to drive towards the amusement park. It was about a 15 minute drive from my apartment, and we talked the entire way. Josh, Luke, and Audrey kept asking me and Derek how Harry was, while Charity was trying to catch up in our conversation. I guess Luke didn’t tell her who we were visiting just a little while ago.


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