Life After One Direction

Hiiii! My name's Rebecca, Becca for short, I'm 17, and my father is Niall Horan. I have an older brother, Josh, who's 19, and who's dating my best friend Audrey. My boyfriend is Derek Styles, yes, Harry's son. He's my age, and has a little sister, Darcy, who's 9. Luke, Zayn's son, is dating my other best friend, Charity. They're both 17, too. Derek, Josh, and Luke are all in a boyband, just like our dads, plus Louis and Liam, who are also included in this story, along with their families too. Audrey, Charity and I are in a band, and are kinda getting known, through YouTube. We've done a mini-tour thing before and opened up once for the boys. We all work at Starbucks, which is how we met. Anywaaaaay, here you can read about my life and everything that goes on it, through the ups and downs. Sometimes it may not be very exciting, but, that's life so. Enjoy:) xx.


18. Take a Breather

"No, no, I'll be there...... Thanks for calling, grandma..... Love you too." I hung up with tears falling down my cheeks. I had just gotten off the phone with my closest family member, Grandma Jackie. She had called to let me know that the previous night, my grandpa had had a stroke and the doctors say there is a very slim chance of him making it.

I sat on the edge of my bed continuing to let the tears fall. I hadn't even noticed when the bed dipped next to me and an arm was placed on my back, rubbing soothing circles into my shirt. Instinctively, I leaned into the figure, not even looking up to see who it was, because I knew it was Derek by the sounds of his "shh's" leaving his mouth.

"Becca.... Babe, are you alright?"

I mumbled a completely incoherent sentence between sobs and wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him closer to me.

"I, uh.... I'm not quite sure what you said. I'd like to help you, but you have to tell me what's wrong, babe." he whispered soothingly.

I took a deep breath to try and calm my sobs long enough to form an understandable sentence. "Grandpa Jim.. Sob... stroke... Sob... in the hospital... Sob.... may not make it... sob.."

I heard Derek sigh and then tighten his grip around my shoulders. "Becca... I'm so sorry... Have you talked to your mom yet?"

I shook my head in response, and no sooner did I say "I should call her" that my phone rang, being a call from none other than my mother.

"Can you answer that please?"

"Sure, babe." he said as he reached around me to grab my phone off of my nightstand.

"Hello?... Hello, ma'am.... Yes, she's right here.... Yes, she just got off the phone with her... Of course." he handed the phone to me.

"Mom?... Yeah she told me... 3 days?!" I started to cry harder.

"When?.... What hospital?... Yeah, I will... Okay... Hi dad... I'm okay... Yeah, he's here... Alright.... Love you too." I said before hanging up.

"So? What'd she say?"

"The nurses think he's only got about three days left... and that I need to come see him before he goes." I tried talking without crying even more. "I'm also supposed to call Josh and tell him the news."

"You want me to invite him over?"


He got up and grabbed his phone, texting Josh and then saying he would be over in about 15 minutes. I had no idea how I was going to tell him this; we were always super close to our grandparents. I settled on just telling him exactly what happened; no sugar coating it. Get right to the point. Like ripping off a band-aid. I have a feeling that won't happen and I'll just break down crying instead. We'll see.

We heard a knock at the door about five minutes later, and opened it to see the casual look on his tearless face.

"Hey Josh... Come in." I said, moving to the side to let him in. I led us to the couch, where I kept a decent amount of space between us before telling him the news.

"So... What's up? Why'd I have to come over so quickly? And why are you both so quiet? Like, seriously? I don't like it."

"Josh, something's happened. To Grandpa Jim." I paused to look at him for a split second before continuing. "He, uh... Well, Uhm.. Grandpa., okay, here goes: grandma called saying that grandpa had a stroke, and the nurses think he only has about three days left before he goes so mom says we have to go see him one last time in the hospital." I said in one big breath. I hadn't even realized my eyes were screwed shut until I was slowly opening them to see Josh with a blank, distant look on his face.

"Josh? Hey, man, you alright?" Derek asked, waving a hand in front of his face. I mentally cursed at him for it, as we both know Josh hates when people do things like that. Waving a hand in front of his face, poking him when he looks like he's spaced out or in his own world, just little things like that.

Josh eventually looked up at me, then Derek, then back at me before laughing. What the hell? Why would he be laughing? Does he seriously think I'm kidding?

"Your joking, right? Grandpa didn't- he couldn't have..." He stood up. "No. No! He's fine! Grandpa didn't have a stroke, he's not in the hospital, and he's not going to die! He's gonna wake up tomorrow and he'll be just fine! He'll call me tomorrow asking how schools going and when I wanna go fishing again with him and Bill! He won't die! He can't..." He whispered the last two words, as he fell to his knees crying hysterically. I sat next to him on the soft carpet and put my arm on his shoulder. Derek sat in the chair with his head in his hands and I watched as his shoulders shook lightly, as if he was crying himself. It wouldn't surprise me; everyone knew my grandparents. We were all really close to them. Everyone had at least one memory with them, even Darcy and Kylie, and Sarah, and the other kids.

"Josh." I whispered. He didn't answer. "Josh." I said louder and more firmly. "Look at me."

He looked up and his cheeks were red, hair disheveled from running his hands through it, and tears were running down his cheeks rapidly, and even down his neck, some. His nose started getting runny, and his eyes puffy. I grabbed a box of Kleenex from the table near us and handed him a few. I then tossed the box at Derek as he took some himself.

"Josh, listen to me. I hate this as much as you do, but like it or not, it's happening," he was about to interrupt but I stopped him. "Let me talk. Grandpa is almost 95 years old. Either way, it's not like he'd have 20 years left anyway. Even if he doesn't die in three days, or four or five, he's going to die someday, as will grandma Helen, and grandma and grandpa on dads side. Mom and dad will, Derek's parents will, Audrey will. We all will. This is part of life. And as much as I'd like to say that in two weeks we can go fishing with him and Bill, and Mike again, I honestly just don't see that happening. I know you don't wanna hear it, but it's the truth. Someday Bill and Mike and Laura and Marie are all going to pass, too. And we have to accept it. Don't look at it as a negative though. Think about it, they're going to a much happier place. They get to leave this shitty society where everybody gets evil stares and judged for everything, to go to a place with gates and streets made of pearls and gold... A place where everyone is equal and they get a new life. That's good, right?" He looked at me like I was crazy, but nodded. "And someday, we'll get to be up there with them. So when he looks like it's his time to go, I want to you hold his hand, or arm, or shoulder or whatever, just put your hand on him, and tell him that it's okay to go, and you'll miss him and love him always. I'm sure he'll go much happier that way. Okay?" He had started crying again, but he nodded and agreed to do so. I gave him a hug and he eventually hugged me back, quietly saying a 'thank you' before standing up and giving Derek a hug.

"I need a breather." he finally said, as he walked into the backyard, sighing loudly.

"Yeah.. Take a breather." I said, sighing myself, and sitting on the couch with Derek right beside me.

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