Life After One Direction

Hiiii! My name's Rebecca, Becca for short, I'm 17, and my father is Niall Horan. I have an older brother, Josh, who's 19, and who's dating my best friend Audrey. My boyfriend is Derek Styles, yes, Harry's son. He's my age, and has a little sister, Darcy, who's 9. Luke, Zayn's son, is dating my other best friend, Charity. They're both 17, too. Derek, Josh, and Luke are all in a boyband, just like our dads, plus Louis and Liam, who are also included in this story, along with their families too. Audrey, Charity and I are in a band, and are kinda getting known, through YouTube. We've done a mini-tour thing before and opened up once for the boys. We all work at Starbucks, which is how we met. Anywaaaaay, here you can read about my life and everything that goes on it, through the ups and downs. Sometimes it may not be very exciting, but, that's life so. Enjoy:) xx.


17. Sarah Said What?!

Becca's POV
It’s been a month since both Harry and Luke got out of the hospital, meaning it’s been a month since Derek’s realized that he’s not losing his dad any time soon, a month since Skylar’s auditioned for A.G.T. and gone to Vegas, and a month since Nick and I have started talking again. It’s seems like it’s been a pretty good month, but it’s also been a little messed up… Sarah’s been avoiding the group, almost. I think she’s said no more than about 5 words to any of us in the past month and a half. But, I would see her again today, so I’ll just have to ask her what’s been going on. Which reminds me; I need to get ready! Derek, Josh, Luke, Charity, Audrey and I are all going out for lunch. No special reason, just to kinda get away from everything for a while. Luke’s still on crutches, but this is his last week with them, so maybe we can call this a celebration for that.
“You almost ready, babe? You’re so slow,” Derek said, pouting. 
“Oh hush. Yeah, I’m almost ready.”
“Good! ‘Cause we’ve been waiting for like, 45 minutes!” I heard Josh yell.
“Josh?! How long have you guys been here?”
“Like I said, like, 45 minutes.”
“Well that’s not the slightest bit true, because I’ve only been getting ready for about 15,” I told him, giving him a ‘you’re-over-exaggerating-quite-a-bit’ look.
“Oh well. Are you almost ready, slow-poke?”
“Yes, I just have to put my shoes on,” I said, walking to where my slip-on Converse were sitting. I slid them on my feet and turned around to see everyone talking to each other. I began to open the door and walk out as I yelled over my shoulder, “C’mon slow-pokes! We’ve got to go!”
We pulled into the parking lot of Derek and my favorite restaurant; Nandos. Okay, I’m starting to believe people when they say I’m just like my dad. We walked inside to see the place filled with teenagers. Mainly girls, but there were a few guys. This should be interesting…
“Oh. My. Gosh,” Audrey sighed.
“Well. This should be…. Fun,” Josh said.
We walked through the door only to be bombarded by screams, hugs, tears, laughs, and flashes. At first, everyone was crowded around the boys, but after a few minutes people started to talk to us.
“Hi!” A girl came up to us and said. She had blonde, mid-back length hair and glasses. She looked really familiar.
“Hi,” we smiled back, “What’s your name?”
“Aubrey. I know you girls! We went to school together…? We never really talked because you were all kind of popular and I just followed everyone around,” she said, frowning. “I worked for the school newspaper. I did that story on Derek and Rebecca winning prom king and queen, and how Josh and Audrey were the runner-ups. I don’t think Charity and Luke went to that school yet…”
“Oh my gosh! I remember that! Yeah… Aubrey… Aubrey… Uhm...” Audrey tried to remember.
“Hamilton. Aubrey Hamilton.”
“Yeah! Hi! Wow… How are you?”
“Oh, I’m okay, I guess. Still getting made fun of… Four-eyes,” she said, pointing towards her glasses.
“Well that’s a bummer. Maybe we could help somehow?” I suggested.
“Hey. Who’s this?” Derek and the boys came over to us. Aubrey started freaking out; screaming and hugging, and taking pictures.
“Aubrey Hamilton. We went to school with her,” I whispered to him.
“I don’t remember her…”
“She did the newspaper story on prom king and queen… Took those millions of pictures of us…?” I tried to jog his memory. “Four-eyes? All the jocks, including my brother, called her ‘Ugly Hamilton’?”
He started to laugh a little, “Oh yeah…! I remember her… Yeah.” I elbowed him in his arm.
“Stop laughing! It’s not funny,” I told him with a stern look.
“Okay… You’re right, sorry.”
“Hi. What’s your name?” I heard Josh ask.
“A-Aubrey… Aubrey Hamilton,” she stuttered.
“Wait a second… Aubrey… Hamilton… HEY! We know you! Everyone called you ‘four-eyes’ and ‘Ugly Hamilton’!” I went over and punched him in the arm. “Hey… What was that for?”
“YOU’RE the one who started the whole ‘Ugly Hamilton’ thing, Josh!”
“I am? Oh…” He frowned. “Well, look, Aubrey, I really am sorry about that… Uhm… I just... I don’t really know why I did that,” he tried to explain.
“It’s fine… I just wish you wouldn’t have done it because now it’s almost the end of senior year and everyone still calls me that. I would’ve kinda liked to know I’d be able to graduate without having to worry if everyone’s gonna yell all those nicknames when I get my diploma.” We all stayed quiet for a few minutes.
“Well, Aubrey… How’s school going? Weren’t you like, named highest grades in the grade?” Luke asked.
“In the school, actually, and yes. School’s going okay… Ever since you all left, there’s been a new group of jocks and populars. Jocks are some of the same people, like… James and Kyle,” she said directing their names toward Josh. James and Kyle were some of his best friends in high school. “And the populars are like, Jessica, Abbie, Danielle, Maddi, Kate, and Bri… I think the one girl who made it into the populars that shocked me the most was Sarah…” she said thinking through everyone.
“Wait… Sarah who?” I asked.
“Tomlinson. Sarah Tomlinson. Wasn’t she like, one of your best friends?”
“Yeah… I just saw her for the first time in five months, last month.”
“Oh…” her face dropped.
“What? What is it?”
“Well, I don’t know if she’s still your best friend since you all have left…”
“Why?” I asked, growing worried.
“Well, since she became a popular, she’s been saying all this stuff about all of you. And it’s not all that good.”
“All of us? What’s she been saying?” Charity asked, clearly angry and curious.
“Well, Josh, she told everyone that you had cancer, so that’s why you shaved your head; Luke, she said that whenever you got pushed off of that railing, the doctors told you that you lost so much blood that you almost died; Derek, she said that you got Rebecca pregnant; Audrey, she said that you and Josh broke up because you got caught cheating on him in his apartment with Jeran Gifford; Rebecca, she said you were pregnant, and that Harry hated you because he didn’t want Derek to be a dad at his age; and Charity, she said that your parents kicked you out of their house because they don’t like Luke and because they don’t want you singing around the house all day because they think that singing isn’t a good career move for you,” Aubrey said in one big breath.
We all had shocked and angry looks on our faces. Especially Audrey. Jeran Gifford was one of our good friends, and Sarah KNOWS that Audrey would NEVER hook up with him. They were just friends, nothing more.
“I-Is that all she said? Does she only hate on us?” Audrey said, almost in tears.
“Well, those are the most recent things she’s said about you… And no, she hates on everyone. But most of us have learned to let it go and not listen to her. She’s turned into a real snot these last few months. One girl actually told her off at lunch one day and she went off crying into the bathroom, with her little minions running after her fake crying. Ashley Hanford; she’s who did it,” she said smiling.
“Ashley Hanford?!” I said, shocked.
 “Yeah! That’s what I thought, too!”
“Wow… She was a really good friend of ours,” I said nudging Audrey’s arm. She nodded. We were still in complete shock from Aubrey telling us what Sarah said about us.
“Everyone’s been trying to ask Ben if he can tell Sarah’s parents about it all,” Aubrey said, looking at Derek. Ben was his cousin, and was dating Sarah, so he knew her parents pretty well. “But every time someone brings it up, he refuses to say anything. No one knows why.”
“Derek… isn’t your whole family coming to America to visit you and your parents?” I asked him. For the past 5 years or so, our families have moved to America, and Derek’s was the only one who still had relatives in the UK.
“Well yeah… But… What good is that gonna do if he refuses to say anything?”
“Well, you’re his cousin. Maybe you and some of your other cousins can try to convince him into telling them.”
“I guess I can try,” he shrugged. We talked to Aubrey for a few more minutes, before another group of people swarmed in. Aubrey said goodbye and we gave her our numbers so we could meet up sometime before she left.
The girls and I were standing in line to order something when three guys came up to us.
“Uhm… Hi,” we said. They were good looking guys, and they looked about our age.
“Hey,” the tallest one said, “I’m Matt.”
“Hi Matt. I’m Rebecca and this is Charity and Audrey,” I said, shaking his hand.
“Hi girls. I’m Matt, and this is Tanner and Zack.” We shook their hands and talked for a few minutes before Tanner said something that caught our attention.
“We saw you talking to Aubrey Hamilton earlier. Sarah’s really not as bad as she’s making her sound. She did say that stuff, but not exactly to that extent. Like, Josh, she didn’t say he had cancer… There were some other girls she hangs out with that were saying that they bet he had cancer, but Sarah told them off. 
“Luke, she didn’t say that he almost died. There were a bunch of people asking her if she knew what happened, and she said she didn’t know except that he had lost some blood. Everyone else made it into something worse. 
“She didn’t say that Derek got Becca pregnant, she told some girls that were starting rumors that it wasn’t true, but the rumor got around. I also heard that Jessica got caught up in some group of paparazzi and told them that you were, Becca.
“Audrey, everybody knows that you and Jeran didn’t hook up. Well, almost everyone. Maddi and Bri were at a party that you were all at and they saw you and Jeran talking, and they took that into a different story. Becca, I don’t know where Aubrey got the whole ‘Harry hates you’ thing because that was the first we’ve ever heard that story. 
“Charity, Sarah never said that your parents kicked you out, and that they don’t like Luke. Again, there were some girls starting rumors and Sarah told them off. Plus, we actually saw your parents a few days ago talking to some group of girls. When we got a better look at the girls, it was Abbie and Danielle. They’re the ones that started the rumors but we heard everything your parents said, and it was nothing like that. They said that it was your decision to move out and that they like Luke and the other boys very much. They also said that they thought it was a great idea for you to follow your dreams of being a singer. So, I don’t know where Aubrey got those stories, but none of them are true. We’ve been going to that school since the first year you guys were gone, and so we’ve heard every story.
“We are fans of you and the boys, and we’ve gotten close to meeting you guys before, but this is actually the first time. And, you guys don’t have to worry about us flirting with you or anything, because, well for one, we have girlfriends, and two, we actually think you’re relationships are really… good. I’m not going to say ‘cute’, because that’s kinda weird,” he laughed. We talked for a little bit and the boys came over and started talking, too. Tanner explained everything again and we all became pretty good friends. They gave us all their numbers, and we gave them ours. We thanked them for everything and then they left. We stayed around for a few more minutes talking about everything Tanner had told us, and wondering who we should believe, considering we all used to talk to Aubrey, whether it was making fun of her, or helping her pick up her books, and that was the first we had ever seen those guys.
But, the boys and I are going to see Sarah today, so we’ll talk to her about it then. I just hope what the guys were saying was the truth…


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