Life After One Direction

Hiiii! My name's Rebecca, Becca for short, I'm 17, and my father is Niall Horan. I have an older brother, Josh, who's 19, and who's dating my best friend Audrey. My boyfriend is Derek Styles, yes, Harry's son. He's my age, and has a little sister, Darcy, who's 9. Luke, Zayn's son, is dating my other best friend, Charity. They're both 17, too. Derek, Josh, and Luke are all in a boyband, just like our dads, plus Louis and Liam, who are also included in this story, along with their families too. Audrey, Charity and I are in a band, and are kinda getting known, through YouTube. We've done a mini-tour thing before and opened up once for the boys. We all work at Starbucks, which is how we met. Anywaaaaay, here you can read about my life and everything that goes on it, through the ups and downs. Sometimes it may not be very exciting, but, that's life so. Enjoy:) xx.


15. No Turning Back

Charity’s POV

We walked into the HUGE building, and it was so amazing! Audrey, Rebecca, and I used to watch America’s Got Talent on TV all the time! It was so awesome actually being here!

Skylar led us to where the security told her to wait earlier, where we met her parents. The doctor, Mike, greeted us and told Luke to be extra careful because he wasn’t done healing. His wife, Julia, introduced herself to us and then asked us how we knew Skylar. Josh and Audrey explained how we met her, while Derek, Rebecca, and Niall talked to Skylar, making sure she didn’t get nervous, and Luke, Amy, and I talked to the doctor. It felt like a lifetime had passed by, until one of the crew members came up to Skylar and asked her, “You ready?”

She replied with a steady, “Born ready.”

“Good. You’re on in 3,” he said, looking at all of us, and then walking away.

“Ooh! This is so exciting!” Amy squirmed with excitement.

“Yeah! You’re gonna do so well!” Mike told her.

“I’m proud of you, honey,” Julia said, while hugging her daughter one last time before Skylar was pushed away swiftly and onto the stage. The host, Nick Cannon, stood near us at the edge of the curtains, as we all watched as Skylar walked out with confidence and pride, not looking the slightest bit nervous. This was too exciting!

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