Life After One Direction

Hiiii! My name's Rebecca, Becca for short, I'm 17, and my father is Niall Horan. I have an older brother, Josh, who's 19, and who's dating my best friend Audrey. My boyfriend is Derek Styles, yes, Harry's son. He's my age, and has a little sister, Darcy, who's 9. Luke, Zayn's son, is dating my other best friend, Charity. They're both 17, too. Derek, Josh, and Luke are all in a boyband, just like our dads, plus Louis and Liam, who are also included in this story, along with their families too. Audrey, Charity and I are in a band, and are kinda getting known, through YouTube. We've done a mini-tour thing before and opened up once for the boys. We all work at Starbucks, which is how we met. Anywaaaaay, here you can read about my life and everything that goes on it, through the ups and downs. Sometimes it may not be very exciting, but, that's life so. Enjoy:) xx.


8. Katelyn.


“So, do you guys wanna come with us today?”

“Well, I guess we could… I don’t think we have any plans today…” Audrey told me.

“Well, at 6:00 I have to go pick up my niece from the babysitter and drop her off at Destiny’s, but other than that, I’m free,” Charity said. Destiny was her older sister, and we didn’t really see much of her anymore. I’ve known Charity since preschool and I used to see Destiny any time Charity and I were together, but lately… We’re lucky if we see her for more than 5 minutes.

“Alright, well… Get ready! We’re leaving now!” I shouted before running to wait in the car.

“Are they coming?” Derek asked me as I closed the door.

“Yeah. They’re getting their shoes on right now.”

“Alright,” he said before kissing me.

“UGH! C’mon guys! NOW?! And in MY car? Please,” Josh whined from the driver’s seat. I laughed and leaned forward and gave my brother a kiss on the cheek and said, “You just wish Audrey was in here so you could kiss her.”

He laughed and looked at me and said, “Maybe.”

Audrey and Charity were opening the car doors as I was sitting back in my seat. Audrey jumped in the passenger seat and Charity sat on the other side of Derek.

“What’d we miss?” Audrey asked.

“Hmm… Nothing really,” Josh said before leaning over and kissing her.

“Uhm… Obviously we’ve missed something… THAT doesn’t really happen unless… Oh gosh. You guys were making out weren’t you?” Charity asked, directing the question towards Derek and me.

“Not making out! Just kissing,” I defended.

“No. You were making out. Sorry little sis, but… It’s true,” Josh said turning around in his seat to look at me. I blushed as Derek put his arm around my shoulder and laughed.

“Whatever you wanna call it, man.”

“ANYWAY. Let’s just go to the hospital, alright?” Audrey said.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Derek was out the door before any of us. The rest of us walked up to the main doors as Derek practically jogged there.

“Derek!” I hollered at him. He stopped and waited for me to catch up. “Babe, calm down. I don’t know why you’re so nervous… You weren’t this nervous the first time we came here. What’s wrong?”

“I honestly don’t know, Becca. I just… I guess I don’t want anyone to say anything about how banged up my dad looks…”

“Derek… They won’t. They’re here to see him so they can catch up and just talk. And honestly, I’m sure they’ve seen him in worse times. They’ve known each other since they were 16. Or… In Lou’s case, 18. They’ve seen each other in the worst of times, babe. I’m sure this will be no different,” I said, holding onto his hand. Honestly, I was a little anxious myself. I wanted to see the rest of the group so bad! I wanted to see Danielle and Eleanor and just catch up with them… I got along really well with them.

As we walked into the hospital, we stopped at the front desk only to find the same girl who was here the first time we came. Her name plate said ‘Katelyn’ and when she finally noticed us standing there, she popped right up out of her small chair and looked right at Derek and Josh, obviously knowing who they are.

“Aren’t there like, three of you or something?” She said, chomping on her gum.

“We’re here for Styles,” Josh snapped. Sometimes I just really loved my brother.

“Alright… Styles… Styles, Styles, Styles…” She kept repeating the name as she flipped through the files. She had a strong Jersey accent and stood, naturally, about 5’7”, but her stilettoes made her look about 6 feet tall. She had long, blonde hair that fell to about the middle of her back, and she wore a dress that was way too damn tight and definitely too short for someone working in a hospital. She eyed Derek like he was the last piece of pizza at a party. And the way she eyed Josh just set Audrey off. Finally I just had enough. She turned around with the file and was about to hand it to Derek when I snapped it out of her hand.

“You know, these guys have girlfriends, don’t you?!”

“I’m sorry…?” She said as if she didn’t know.

“You’ve been eyeing my boyfriend and my brother like they’re candy ever since we came here last time! We’re not invisible!”

“Look, honey. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well you must be the only one, because everyone else sees it!” And as I said that, she slapped me across the face! The impact made me jerk my head to the right, Derek, Charity, and Audrey immediately on either side and in front of me asking if I was okay. Josh on the other hand, went up to Katelyn and said, “What’s wrong with you?! She didn’t do anything to you! We don't really need your bitchy attitude, anyway.”

“She accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend and trying to steal you away from that girl! She basically told me I was a home wrecker!”

“It’s true!” I snapped back; my jaw still in pain. She gave me a death look, but I just shot one back, which caused her to look away back to Josh.

“I think we’d better get to where we’re needed now,” Derek said as calmly as he could.

We stood up and Josh signed the papers in the file. As we were walking down the hallway, Derek was continuously saying how sorry he was and that it’s going to be okay. "Derek, I'm fine," was said to him at least 20 times before we reached Harry's room. As we reached the door, we heard laughter coming from inside and realized that my dad was already here. We walked in only to hear Harry excitedly say, “Becca! Derek! Oh! It’s Josh, Audrey, and Charity! Wow… Josh, you’ve grown! Audrey… You haven’t changed at all! And Charity! You’ve changed, some! Taller, I see!” He laughed. Charity has always been the shortest of us all, and Josh has always been the tallest.

I walked over to my dad and gave him a hug, and he asked me how I was. We started a basic conversation until I realized that the others weren’t here yet.

“Uhm, dad?”


“Where are the others? Shouldn’t they be here by now?”

“You’re right… Oh god, I hope they make it…”

“Relax, dad. I’ll go call Lou.”

“Alright… Hurry!”

I stepped into the hallway and pulled my phone out. I dialed the now familiar number and waited for an answer.


“Hello? Eleanor? Is that you?”

“Becca?! Oh my goodness! Hi, love! How are you?”

“I’m really good! But hey, where are you guys?”

“We’re pulling into the parking lot right now!”

“Alright, well then I guess I’ll talk to you in a few! Is Zayn with you guys?”

“Uhm, no… Last I heard he was leaving his house… But that was about an hour ago.”

“Alright… I’ll call him. Bye, El!”

“Bye, love!”

I hung up and immediately dialed Zayn’s number.






“Zayn?! Where are you?!”

“We’re almost there! We had a little delay...”

“A little delay? Like what?”

“Well, it was a good kind of delay. Look, I’ll tell everyone when I get there! We’re about five minutes away! Talk to you soon!” And with that he hung up.

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