A Little Piece of Me

Zayn and Niall have always been best friends, being a part of One Direction, but could there be something more as they seen to loose control over one another despite management , his bandmates and everyone else? Or will they be nothing more than friends? *ZIALL FANFIC*


2. Tonight

After the show I really was embarrassed. I has messed the lyrics up to three songs, tripped and fell on stage. Even though the fans didn't mind , they actually thought It was cute and laughed, I can't feel anything but the fact I feel like I let them down. I say down on a bench covering my face. 

Zayn came so sit next to me. "Hey bro you okay?" I scrunched my face up a bit. "I'm just having an off day, it's fine." I mumbled behind my hands. He rubbed my back and tapped it. "Okay just making sure..." I began thinking to myself WHY did I mess up so much? I broke away from that thought to focus on something else. 

Louis came up to me with the rest of the boys. "Wellllll Niall. People make mistakes it's okay I say we celebrate tonight." "Celebrate what? I messed up to show." I said. "No you did not! We can go celebrate all of our failures," he joked. "Nothing special just a few drinks and films?" He said smiling. I nodded and so did the rest of the boys. 

We headed back to the hotel. The wine was out, and Liam backed out. "Nothing but movies and soda for me" he said. As for Harry was joining Liam and Louis was in the shower. Zayn was already drinking. I needed a change of clothes. I felt failure in these from tonight. It took me forever to find another change of clothes in my hotel room, when I hear a nock on the door. "I'm coming!" I yelled out as I unlocked the door.

Zayn fell on the bed. "Zayn get up!" I complained. She pressed his fingertip his lip with a 'Shhhhhh' I shook my head, because who doesn't love drunk Zayn? "Zayn you sleep over there!" Ignoring that, he came closer to me instead tipping over. I held him to make sure he didn't fall. "Blonde boy has to drag me eh?" He smirked. "Yes Zayn and damn you're heavy!" "Haha hush" he laughed.

I put him on the couch where he grabbed another glass of wine. "Where is everyone?" He asked. "Asleep." I whispered. "AHAHA" "Shhhhh! You'll wake them up!" "Here you can't stay here all night. Walk because Im not dragging you anymore!," and he did just that. "Okay you stay on that bed ill stay on here and you'll make it through the night" I ordered. He handed me what was left of his wine insisting me to take a sip. "Zayn just sleep please?" I asked. He but his lip as he stared at mine. "Zayn? Zaaynnnn! Bro you need sleep." That's when he came closer, and closer. There was a large smell of alcohol in his breath. "I want you." As he began to tug on my bottom lip.

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