A Little Piece of Me

Zayn and Niall have always been best friends, being a part of One Direction, but could there be something more as they seen to loose control over one another despite management , his bandmates and everyone else? Or will they be nothing more than friends? *ZIALL FANFIC*


1. Stage Time

Before You Read This is a Ziall fanfic! Okay? Which means guy and guy. Don't read if you can't handle cussing, smut which will maybe (most likely) oh wait yeah there is gonna be, and any other thing related to that will be added in future chapters. If you get offended in anyway, I warned you!
~ Hope you like it?(: xx 

* Niall POV*
The lights , the energy , the excitement of the new tour. It was amazing! Everything a boy from Mullingar could dream for.
We were in the middle of the concert when Zayn came up to me to whisper in my ear, "This is incredible, look at the audience out there tonight." His lips incredibly close to my hear. Almost touching. "It's amazing." I whispered.

He did his signature smirk , pinched my left bum playfully and walked on to the other side of the stage. I couldn't help but smile a bit. The audience has been amazing, and Zayn, he's been incredible, what a pal! I looked over at him slightly. He caught my state and flashed a smile at me. I looked down embarrassed, with a hint of red on my face. 

God he was beauti- "Niall!" Harry whispered , I looked up noticing it was time for my solo. What could be more embarrassing than this! The whole arena was staring at me now. I picked up the mic and began to sing,"Oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends" but somewhat still distracted.

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