Stand Strong (a one direction FanFic story)

Graci was a small town girl, she was abused by her dad. One day when Graci was out getting her dad beer she ran into a cute irish boy. Graci thinks its love at first sight but her dad shayne has a different opion. Will Graci over run away from her abusive dad? Will she meet one direction?


7. Truth or Dare ♡

"Hey love!" Zayn Said to me.  "Hey, what's going on?" I asked Zayn.  

"Louis wanted me to ask you if you wanted to play truth or dare." "Immediately. Sure." I answered

"Okay, I'm going to warn you though the dares are pretty extreme." He warned.

"Haha, I'll be fine love." I was really worried though but I don't Want to show it. 

We walked in the living room where every one was in a circle on the floor I sat in-between Niall and Zayn. 

"Graci, truth or dare?" Liam asked me. I wanted to be cool so … 

"DARE!" I said "ok, I dare you to kiss Zany for three seconds." Wow, Zayn wasn't kidding when he said the dares were extreme. 

Zayn leaned in here it goes oh no. Then his lips crashed on to mine it just felt so…right. 

"3…2…1" everyone except Niall said.  Then me and Zayn stopped. Wow. 

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