Stand Strong (a one direction FanFic story)

Graci was a small town girl, she was abused by her dad. One day when Graci was out getting her dad beer she ran into a cute irish boy. Graci thinks its love at first sight but her dad shayne has a different opion. Will Graci over run away from her abusive dad? Will she meet one direction?


2. Running Away

-Graci's POV.-


"Graci!" Shayne yelled in a frustraded tone. "Yea, what do you want!" I said in my most innocent voice. "COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Shayne yelled. I ran down the stair knowing if i take to long he'll slap me. "GET ON THE COUCH NOW!" he demanded. A tear escaped my eye but i wiped it away so he wouldnt see. I got on the couch as Shayne unzipped his pants and took my very short shorts of. When i felt him in me i cried even more not caring if he saw the tears or not. And he definitly saw the tears. "Dont be such a wimp!" he said as he slapped me. Then he got out and left the room.

I ran up stairs in my room and started packing. I saved some money from my last job at Nandos so i packed that also. I changed into white booty shorts and a black and white poka-dotted shirt, a straightened my hair and put some makeup on. Finally the moment i have been waiting for all my life! I climbed out the window right as soon as Shayne walked in my room. He tried grabbing me but I got loose from his gripe. As soon as he let go I fell and hurt my ankle. I heard Shayne run down the steps. So I got up but almost fell imediatly, I saw Shayne running toward me. So i got up and ran I didnt look back, I didnt even know where i was going. i hide behind a garbage can and heard Shayne yelling "I'll find you, you dirty whore!" I waited there for a few minutes then started running.

I reached a starbucks and figured Shayne stoped looking. When i was waiting in line i put my headphones on and started listening to one direction. I was getting bored so I put my headphones away when all of a sudden I hear a familiar irish accent. Then it hits me that irish accent sounds like NIALL HORON from ONE DIRECTION! Then i see Niall sit down at a table with ALL THE BOYS! It was my turn to order so I get a medium French Vinnella Lata. (A/N sorry cant spell that) And I sit down at a table beside one direction on perpose!

While im drinking my coffe I hear a cute british accent start talking to me OMG it was LOUIS! "Hello love, would you like to sit with us?" he asks. "Um...Sure!, it sucks being alone anyways." I giggle.

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