Stand Strong (a one direction FanFic story)

Graci was a small town girl, she was abused by her dad. One day when Graci was out getting her dad beer she ran into a cute irish boy. Graci thinks its love at first sight but her dad shayne has a different opion. Will Graci over run away from her abusive dad? Will she meet one direction?


1. intro

Hi! Im Graci i live with my abusive dad shayne. All he does is sit drink beer and watch football all day but at night he makes plans for me (He molests me). Ever since my mom died i guess hes lonely or something but he wants someone to stone.

I miss my mom so much she was my insperation to start a music career, but ever since shes died i have never even thought about touching a guitar or let alone sing while playing one.  My mom died because her and shayne (my dad) got in a huge fight whether or not i should go laser tagging with some friends. and of course shayne has to win every fight and he got so angry he stabbed my mom to death. And of course i didnt go laser tagging.

I guess im telling you this because i havent told anyone and i just want to talk to someone i hope you understand.





A/N Hey GUYS! pleas comment or contact me to give me some ideas. i promise i will update tomorrow! OH and Sorry for the short chapter. Hope you all enjoy!




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