Stand Strong (a one direction FanFic story)

Graci was a small town girl, she was abused by her dad. One day when Graci was out getting her dad beer she ran into a cute irish boy. Graci thinks its love at first sight but her dad shayne has a different opion. Will Graci over run away from her abusive dad? Will she meet one direction?


5. Harry&me

-Graci's POV.-

We walk in and Louis notices my amazement and says "Its wounderful, isnt it love." "Yea, it really is." I say looking at the marble floors. " I'll show you to your room." Harry said excitedly. "Okay thanks." I reply while folowing him up the stairs. He opens a door at the end of a long hallway. We walk into a HUGE room with white walls with black flowers on them. "Its perfect." I say gratefully. this is amazing. After i say that Harry leans closer to me what is he doing? Then it hit me hes trying to kiss me oh no! Then his lips crash onto mine and all of a sudden i start to kiss back. BIG MISTAKE!


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