Stand Strong (a one direction FanFic story)

Graci was a small town girl, she was abused by her dad. One day when Graci was out getting her dad beer she ran into a cute irish boy. Graci thinks its love at first sight but her dad shayne has a different opion. Will Graci over run away from her abusive dad? Will she meet one direction?



"WHAT THE HELL HARRY!!" I yelled but quite enough so no one else could hear. " I...  im sorry its just.. your so beautiful and..."  

Harry said before I kissed him again. "Wow." Harry said "um....  can we pretend this never happened." I mumbled and he heard because he had a hurt look and said "Fine..." and I kissed him on the check and said. "thanks. " 

We start walking down stairs when I saw Niall eating chips I laughed. "What!" Niall said.  "It's just you eat all the time,love." I giggled. "Oh, I want to ask you if we can be food buddies Graci?" Niall asked "of course." I replied. Then after all the giggles all of the boys and me went to watch a movie (toy story liams pick ) I was sitting by Niall at the edge of the couch and my eyes were starting to get heavy and I fell asleep on Nialls chest. 

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