Summer '09

A Haylor love story goes wrong when Harry and Taylor discover things about themselves that they never thought possible...


1. Preview: Taylor's POV

I sat next to my boyfriend Harry on our couch. He pulled out his guitar and strummed away singing "They Don't Know About Us" to me. After the song he asked me, "U like?". "Of course I loved it!" "Good because I wrote it about us having to keep it a secret about our relationship. I have had so many fake boyfriends because my management thinks I would get more publicity by pretending to date famous people instead of an average citizen. Ugh! It is so annoying. Me and Harry have been dating for 3 months and have already moved in with each other in an apartment in Nashville. Harry will be trying out for the X Factor next year so he will soon have to move out. I walked into my room to watch some TV with Harry as I heard a gunshot come from inside the bedroom. Blood immediately started oozing from a crack in the doorway. The only person's blood I knew it could be was Harry's...
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