Summer '09

A Haylor love story goes wrong when Harry and Taylor discover things about themselves that they never thought possible...


2. Chapter 1

I was going to open the door but I had no clue where the intruder was. I immediately grabbed the first thing i saw. A bat. I heard silence. No breathing. No crying. Nothing. I was too stunned to move. Thoughts were running through my mind. "Is he dead? Is he alive? Am I next?" Then I heard glass smash from inside the room. What if it was Harry? What fine was fighting back? I had to go in there. I had no other choice. I slowly turned the door knob and then pushed it open. I gripped onto a the bat handle and saw Louis giving Harry CPR. I ran to Harry's side and tried to stop the blood from oozing out of his arm. Louis had saved Harry's life. The intruded had shot Harry and Harry had tried crawling away from him when Louis climbed in through the window and hit the intruder in the head with a lass vase. But now I only have one question. Why did Louis decide to just climb in MY window at the right time when he lives 1 hour away?...
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