Its Gotta Be You: A love story

Seventeen-year-old Skylar Adams is in love with Niall Horan from One Direction. She had always wished to meet him. She never thought that dream would come true. She got tickets to a 1D concert for her birthday and it all went crazy and unrel from there.


2. Meeting of a lifetime


Skylars POV: "Ahhhhhhhhhghhghhghhhhh!" The girls scream at the concert. It is so freaking loud in here. "Hey Abby... I gotta go to the bathroom. I will be right back." I say. I rush out of the loud room and I walk into the halls of the arena. I am walking past the VIP zone when I walk into the person in front of me. "Watch where you go you bitch." I say without looking up. "Wow. Someones fiesty." The mystery person says. I look up and recognize Niall Horan from One Direction standing right in front of me. "Oh My God! I am so sorry! I had no idea that you were... Well... You!" I say. "I get that alot. Sorry, I was busy texting Lou. I am so stupid! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Niall." He replies. "Yeah. I know." I reply with a smartass tone. " I am Skylar Adams." I reply nicely. " Well, Skylar. Are you a fan?" Niall asked. " YES!!!" I scream. "Take these backstage passes. How many people are with you?" "Two." I reply calmly. "Here are three passes. Go grab your friends and I will be waiting right here for you to come back." Niall says. "Okay!" I reply and run off at full speed to go tell Abby and Taylor.

Niall's POV: "Hey Lou. I gotta go to use the loo real quick. I'll be back in a jiffy." " Whatever. Just don't get lost this time." Louis retorts. "Dammit. Why don't you ever forget about that?" I ask. "Cuz I try not to." Louis says. I walk out of the "green room" and into the hall of the arena. I feel my phone vibrate and it is Louis telling me to get him a Coke while I am out. I try to text him back, but I suddenly stop walking. Someone tuns into me as soon as I stop. "Watch where you are going bitch." A girly voice says from behind me. I turn around and see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. "Someone's sassy." I reply. I blabber on about something and then I introduce myself. Stuoid me. I thought. You know she is a fan! Why else would she be at this concert. She knows who you are. "I am Skylar Adams." The girl reies. Without thinking, I tell her that she needs to go get whoever is with her an meet me back at this exact spot. I tell her that I have backstage passes for her. She sprints off and I am starting to doubt my choices.
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