Love Me, Love Me Not.

Isabel is trying to find a cure to hurt sadness. Her dad is far away and her mother hates her. She has no northers or sisters because of a plague brought to the United States when she was ten. She had only gotten a little sick from it. Since then her parents bought a house with 109 acres in the backyard full of forest...and secrets. With her obsession of One Direction, will she ever meet them?


1. The Girl

My mother hates me. My dad works in Florida as a police while I'm stuck here in New York. I wish I could be with cuddled up against his shoulders him kissing my forehead. My boyfriend is in Texas meeting up with "old friends." I don't really have anyone to talk to except my lonely room with posters if a British boy band I'm obsessed with. Sometimes, I think I'm ugly and pull my hair out. Other times I pretend I'm beautifully hideous. I go to a little school in New York City but I have no friends. People stare at me and whisper things about me, but the truth is...I'm used to it. Walking around y backyard- 100 acres of nothing but trees- I think about my obsession with One Direction. Will I ever even meet them? I walk through the woods of loneliness and come I a girl. She looks about my age but a little bit...thicker than me. Shears me coming and turns around I see that she has been crying. She throws me a knife and yells," KILL ME!"
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