The Only One

This story is about 5 teenage girls who unexpectedly meet 5 teenage boys and all five on them instantly fall in love with the boys. they have some issues trying to express their feelings to the five boys. How? Read to find out.


3. Strange man



           I went to go get some punch when I saw that Naill had Bailey in his arms. I think she has her new boyfriend. While i turned around to get punch for me a ram into a handsom brown haired man. "Oops! I'm so sorry." I said. "It's ok. Hey, my name is louis." he said in a very plesent way. "My name is Krissy." I said quietly enough that he can barley hear me. He was about to grab my hand but the prom had been over and his friends were waiting. "bye." he said in a cute  voice. "later." I said trying to make a good inpression on his friends. While I was walking out, some old groutch had grabbed my hand and pulled me away! "BAILEY!!!!! HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs. She saw me but couldn't get through the crowd fast enough. He pulled me towards his car and opens the door. He covers my mouth with duck tape. Then he throws me into the car without saying a word. He drove where he wanted and it was silent the whole ride. We pulled up to this strange place. I'm not sure what it was called though. He takes me in and ties me up in a chair. He takes off the duck tape. "WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO ME?" I screamed as loud as I could. He was a tall man who had short brown hair. Next thing I know I see someone sneek in the strange place. It was Louis! He was going to save me! He jumped on the strange man and beat him up. "Are you ok?" he says breathing deeply. "I probably have a few scratches, but other than that I'm fine.'' I said.

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