Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


1. Complicated Love- Prologue and Chapter 1


 “I am such a NERD!” I yelled at myself as I ran through the door. “What’s wrong?” My dad asked when he heard the slam. I told him everything. How these 5 insanely cute boys started at my school today and one of them was in all of my classes. Every single one! I know I can talk about this stuff with my dad because I trust him the most. He’s seen all my up, downs, goods, bads, awkwards, and embarrassments. Anyway, getting back to my story, you’re in for one wild ride on my rollercoaster of love.























Chapter 1- The Day We Met

Starting with the beginning of the day, I woke up late and with a huge headache. My alarm clock didn’t go off again, and I only woke up because my friend Hanaa texted me saying, “Wake up sleepy head! The new boys are coming today! ;D” I responded saying “Thanks!” and continued rushing myself. I jumped into the shower with only enough time to wash my hair, good thing I shaved yesterday, and jumped out. I blow-dried my hair, got dressed into my favorite shirt with a British flag on it, super cute black skinny jeans, my favorite hot pink converse with neon green laces, and left my hair naturally curly because I was happy with the way it turned out.  I texted Hanaa again telling her I was ready since we always walk to school together. We looked hot if I must say so myself. Those boys will totally be ours. We got to school and the whole walk was full of our imaginations running wild thinking of what they could look like. Once we arrived in homeroom, the bell rang. Then they came in. The 5 most beautiful guys I had ever seen walked in perfectly late. Since it was the first day of the year, we all made a circle with our desks like middle schoolers, and introduced ourselves. I didn’t pay close attention until the end. I believe their names are Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. All but Niall are British, Niall’s from Ireland. They have the cutest accents ever! Omg they are so amazing! And Harry is in all of my classes! He kept staring at me with those gorgeous green eyes of his! Hanaa noticed him too and asked me if I was interested. I gave her a look that clearly said, “Of course I am! But what are the chances of it ever working out?” I asked her the same thing, but her admirer was Louis, she responded with the same look in her eyes. After sitting through Harry staring at me, I sat by him at lunch to compare our schedules and see if he needed any help navigating the halls of this gigantic school, you know, trying to make normal conversation. When I sat down I could tell there was something up. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn all looked at him. Hanaa came over and joined me too; they all gave Louis the same look. I couldn’t tell what was happening so I decided to ignore it. We talked and talked after getting past a few minutes of awkward silence. Harry was really nice, and so were the rest of them. But they kept asking us the weirdest questions like “Do you know who we are?” or “Have you ever heard of us?” We answered honestly because we had no idea. Their faces were overcome with relief and we have plans to sit with them every day. At the end of the day Harry came up to me. I figured it was to ask me how to get to a certain street or find the door that led to the parking lot so he could find his car. But that’s not quite what happened. He asked me if he could have my phone number, which of course I had ready for any one of them just in case, I handed him the paper and got lost in his eyes. They were so dreamy and mesmerizing. I was day dreaming when he said something and I didn’t respond. I said “Sorry, what did you say?” but it was too late. It looked like I hurt him so he simply replied, “I’ll text you when I get home.” I can only imagine what he said. So the whole way home I was upset because I messed up. Hanaa had to meet her sister at the library to pick her up, so I was able to walk alone and think. I was waiting for Harry to text me. I didn’t have his number so I couldn’t text him first. I had my phone out and ready to reply at any moment. That’s when I walked in and slammed the door. This is exactly what I told my dad. Of course my dad being my dad said, “If this boy hurts you…” and we finished together, “You tell me and I’ll get my pizza knife.” He gave me an encouraging smile and continued to type on his laptop. I left the kitchen so I could work on geometry, and hope Harry texted me soon. When I got up to my room, I took my homework out and started calculating. My mind was so off track I think I got every problem wrong until it happened. My phone started buzzing, and although it scared me so much I almost jumped out my window, I raced over to it, and guess who it was from? HARRY! He kept his promise and texted me! It simply said “hey” but it made my day. I think I messed up my text because he then responded “I hope that means hey :)” I told him it was. We talked for a couple hours about school. Boring subject I know, but it was our first conversation! What more do you expect? Once it was dinner time for him, he stopped texting me but ended the conversation with a smiley face and an “I’ll see you tomorrow” so I wasn’t too unhappy. I just wanted to know how I was ever going to actually be able to talk to him in person.

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