Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


7. Complicated Love- Chapter 7


Chapter 7- A Surprise?

 My thoughts crept into my dreams. I woke up in the middle of the night questioning myself. Again. In my heart I knew I had to tell him, but what kept popping up in my head was, “He’ll understand right?” over and over again. What if he didn’t understand? What if I didn’t tell him everything and that bothered me more? I’ve only been dating him for a number of hours and I’m already worrying about things like this. It was like it was tattooed onto my brain, but I was able to ignore it. You could say I ignored my thoughts most of the time. I walked with Harry to every class and sat with him and the boys and Hanna at lunch. I think Hanaa and Harry could tell there was something wrong. Hanaa asked me to come to the bathroom with her, so I did. Once we were inside of the bathroom, she made sure no one was in the stalls and locked the door, our normal procedure for having talks in the bathroom. Then she asked, “What’s bothering you?” I burst out into tears. I told her that I went to sleep happy because of Harry but I woke up because I didn’t know how I was going to tell him about my life. There isn’t an easy way to tell anyone about that. She told me, “I told Louis that you have been going through some hard times, so it would be easiest if we let you deal with them for yourself and if you need help, you would let us know. I’m not going to make you tell Harry what’s going on. I won’t even make you tell me. But if you need anything, and I mean anything, you can come to any of us, okay?” I had to stop crying before I answered. I washed my face while she talked again. I found that if I washed my face no one could tell I was crying when I came out. Slowly I talked but sped up as I kept talking, “Okay. I will. I know this hasn’t been this easy on you either so if you ever have any problems, you’ll come to me to right?” I asked her. By now I had stopped crying and was able to giggle at myself. I was crying in a bathroom over something stupid with my best friend who understood me completely. She was my only true friend and to be fair about that statement; I don’t really know Harry that well yet. We stood there for a few more minutes just thinking. I don’t know exactly what kind of an impact Hanaa has had but I know it’s been tough for both of us. Hanaa hugged me as we walked out and found that all 5 boys were standing outside, waiting for us, to figure out if we were okay. Harry hugged me and offered to carry my books even though he had a hard time handling his own stack. I made him settle with holding his books in one arm, holding my hand, and letting me carry my own books, although it was funny watching him struggle with the little task. He was quite strong; he carried me with almost no effort, and had a 6-pack. That’s pretty hard to do. I asked him why he was so strong and he said that if he wasn’t doing homework, he was usually working out or finding a way to exercise. We didn’t talk much between classes. We hadn’t before either and we were at that awkward stage when we just start dating and don’t know what to say to each other. Sitting next to him in class was funny though. We always passed notes and his were really funny and sweet at the same time. The teacher couldn’t see because he never turned his head away from the chalk board to see if we were doing anything. After school I went over to Hanaa’s house. It was quieter and 20 feet closer to school. We ran into her house and yelled to let her parents know we were there. We did what we usually did; played games, talked giggled, watched movies, gossiped, teased, ate, and drank. Her house was much neater then mine, but she didn’t have to make her own money to buy food, pay for bills, buy clothes, shoes, and all that other stuff. Whenever I go to her house we always have the best times. I can think of a bunch of different things from the past couple of days that are still funny no matter how many times we talk about them. I left her house just before midnight like I almost always do. Since we didn’t have homework and there weren’t any tests to worry about for the next day, our parents were okay with us staying up that late. When I walked in the door, my dad said, “Claire, is that you? Could you lock the front door?” So I locked it and went into the kitchen. “How was your day?” I asked in a happier than usual mood. I haven’t seen my dad all day and I try to at least some in my house once in a while to make sure my dad is okay. It sounds childish but he’s all I got left. I just don’t want anything to happen even though his typical answer is, “I rather enjoyed my day. I’ve gotten a lot done. And yours?” I told him I was thinking about how to tell Harry my life’s story. He said, “When the time is right, and you’re with the right person, you can pour out your heart without worry. If Harry is all he seems to be, you’ll know the perfect moment when it comes, and he’ll understand everything.” I love my dad. He gives me the best advice sometimes. Right at that second, my phone buzzed with a text from Hanaa. I was a little puzzled because it said, “meet me outside and open the door with your eyes closed. It’s a surprise ;)” my dad saw the puzzlement so I read the text out loud. It’s been a week since Harry and I started dating. Does that have something to do with this? I was just at Hanaa’s house a few minutes ago so why didn’t she say anything then? I think he knew all about it because he told me he’d help me open the door and not fall like I’ve done before. We got up and I unlocked the door. I closed my eyes and he opened the door. He made sure I couldn’t see and spun me around to face him. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t peaking and turned me back around to face the door. I felt Hanaa grab my hand and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing this late at night. Whatever it was, my dad had some part in it because she was trying really hard not to let me hear him laughing behind me. And he was loud.  Hanaa slowly guided me by the hand around our house, or at least I think it was around our house, and brought me to a stop and leaned me against the stop sign that’s at the corner of the street. I was kind of nervous because I was in my pajamas and had no idea what was going on. Someone could run up to me and kidnap me and I wouldn’t have any idea what to do or who it was. I’d be too scared to fight back and I’d regret it because I’m not that weak. I heard someone behind me and stayed facing forward because Hanaa said I shouldn’t turn around yet. I did what I was told and waited for further instructions. What else could there be? It was really early in the morning and I was not ready for anything to happen. I wanted to be sleeping right now. My dad had made conversation with me to keep me up for this reason, whatever it was, and I went along with it. I almost screamed because I felt someone kiss me, and I realized it was Harry. There’s no mistaking his kiss. While he kissed me he took off the blindfold I had on and put his coat on me. I felt much better knowing I was with Harry. Then he looked me in the eyes and said, “Do you trust me?” I had no other response but, “Yes.” I followed him to his car and couldn’t help but ask, “Where are we going?” As soon as I said it Harry smiled. He laughed and said, “Somewhere we can talk. It’s a surprise.” I smiled and then remembered tomorrow was Saturday. 

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