Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


4. Complicated Love- Chapter 4


Chapter 4- Best Movie Ever

 Earlier in the week all seven of us made plans to meet at steak ‘n’ shake and go out for a late movie. My dad agreed and before anyone could notice, Hanaa paid for my ticket. Both of her parents have jobs so they are always willing to pay for her to have fun with friends. I’m counted as family so they pay for me too since they are good friends with my dad and have also lived through my troubles or problems or helpless situations. Whatever you want to call them. Our families have just agreed to help each other without a word being spoken. Hanaa doesn’t need a job and I do. Hanaa always has a lunch and I never do. I don’t mind because I know the difference in our families but I would give anything to be her. But once again she paid for my ticket. The boys didn’t want to see a chick-flick and neither did we so we agreed on watching The Avengers since it was the most interesting movie playing at the theatre. It took us a minute to find the right theatre and find seats. The boys let us pick which row to sit in and we found an empty row in the middle of the theatre. Niall went into the row first, and then Liam sat beside him. Louis wanted a seat next to Hanaa and she took it very willingly. I followed her and Harry followed me.  Zayn sat on the end in case his girlfriend Perrie called him. It sounds like they haven’t been able to talk in a while so he wants to be ready to answer. I can’t believe Harry was sitting next to me! This is officially the best movie ever. I don’t care what we’re wtching. Harry wanted to sit next to me! The movie had all of us laughing and once in a while Harry commented on something to me. He was really funny and made me laugh harder than everyone else. By the end of the movie we already had a list of inside jokes! Hanaa and I walked to the movies so we had a choice between Harry and Louis’ car after the movie was over so we could take the short ride to Steak ’n’ Shake. I went in Harry’s and of course Hanaa went in Louis’. Liam was with us and Niall and Zayn grabbed a ride with Louis. There must have been some sort of agreement because without arguing, Harry opened the passenger door for me, and Liam climbed in the back. Once we all got buckled in, Steak ‘n’ Shake was waiting for us around the corner. Honestly we could’ve walked but the guys didn’t want to. I think they have some kind of plan or something but it’s just a suspicion. The ride was a little awkward because we’ve only known each other for a week but we had fun at the restaurant. We had fun laughing, talking, and eating, and after about an hour all of us were finished and ready to go. Niall really wanted more food but the guys joked about it and ignored him. They paid for us and I felt bad about it. I left without saying anything and I looked at Hanaa. Both of us were going to say something but we didn’t want to be rude.  As we walked out the door, Harry pulled me aside and tossed Liam his keys. He said he wanted to walk me home. In my head I was like “YES! OF COURSE YOU CAN! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO SINCE I FIRST SAW YOU!” but what came out was “Are you sure? Walking can get kind of boring especially at night.” what if I had just said the wrong thing? I was literally crossing my fingers when I heard Harry answer, “I’m sure, now, you lead the way.” He said it with the brightest smile on his face. I found myself once again getting lost in the features of his face. His eyes were seas of green and blue. They changed color sometimes. He has dimples which I hadn’t noticed until now. In the moonlight his teeth were still white and he gave me a reassuring smile. I really had gotten lost in his face. Just before we started walking we paused and I turned around. I was blushing and I didn’t want him to notice. I’m sure he already did but I could at least try and cover it up. What will we talk about? I’m not the most interesting person in the world. My only friend is Hanaa and I have many fears. I’m not outgoing and I don’t think very highly of myself. I’m probably the worst person for harry right now but he’s still here with me. I had to come back to life just before going. There was no light on the street and the way was only lit by the moon. I know this town like the back of my hand so I was fine and started to lead the way back to my house. 

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